A figurine of a smiling President Barack Obama was spotted in a men’s urinal at the GOP’s Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority Conference on Friday.

The Huffington Post’s Igor Bobic, who was attending the conference at the Omni Shoreman Hotel in Washington D.C., spotted the figurine and shared it on social media.

Clearly someone forgot to ask: “What would Jesus do?”

Representatives from the Faith & Freedom Coalition denied placing the figuring in the urinal, telling MSNBC, “We doubt this was done by any of our attendees, we strongly condemn these actions.  No matter how anyone may feel about the president’s policies, the man and the office deserves to be treated with respect.  We are outraged by this disgusting act.”

Read more from MSNBC:

The pro-family, conservative Christian group was established by Ralph Reed, former senior adviser for the George W. Bush and Dick Cheney campaigns.

The three-day gathering began Thursday and draws followers from the social conservative wing of the Republican Party and potential presidential candidates. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, one of the potential Republicans in the 2016 race, addressed the crowd Friday about overcoming drug addiction and expanding the definitions of abortion and education. Other speakers included Sens. Marco Rubio of Florida, Ted Cruz of Texas, and Rand Paul of Kentucky, as well as former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, Rep. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, and newly-elected House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

The conservative leaders also used the event to harshly criticize President Obama on various issues.

As outrageously disrespectful as the Obama figurine may be, this is not the first time that the face of a United States president has been used as a urinal.

As previously reported, San Francisco sculptor Clark Sorensen created a fully functioning urinal in the likeness of former President George W. Bush as part of a larger exhibit titled, “DOWN THE DRAIN” -THE LEGACY OF GEORGE W. BUSH.

Sorensen says he intent was to be both critical and humorous:

I am grateful everyday that I live in a country where we can still express our opinions, even if they are critical of our culture or our leaders. This series expresses my take on the lasting legacy of George W. Bush. I feel that so many things are going down the drain as a direct result of the policies made over the last eight years. The urinal seemed like the perfect metaphor. My aim was to use humor and an object we are all familiar with to poke fun at Bush and at the same time say something critical about his legacy. I completely own up to the harshness and irreverence of this show – sometimes it is appropriate to be inappropriate.

By the way, no one was lied to, maimed, killed, overthrown, tortured, falsely imprisoned or bankrupted in the creating of this art.


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13 thoughts on “Christian Conservatives Place Obama Figurine In Urinal At Conference

  1. stephanie on said:

    hateful maggots, these hypocritical Christians can go straight to hell where they can shovel shit for the devil. evil bastards

  2. Just like the urinal likeness of G. Bush this is uncalled for, however there only being one
    figurine and this person just happen to find the one restroom that had it doesn’t pass the smell test to me, there are many past stories of people claiming racist incidents only to later find they were fabricated, may not be the case here but I’m just saying

  3. And yet even after this they still squeal and deny,deny and deny some more whenever it’s pointed out or someone call them on their in your face racism day after day. These things happen when the gather together like a coven. The kkk denied they were racist too.

  4. Linda on said:

    I have more “Christianity” in my little finger, than these folks have in their whole bodies!!!!!

    I am so tired of all the HATE spewed at our President simply because he is a man of color.

    Don’t know or care what Bible these cretins are reading, because it certainly is not the same one that I read!!!!!!

  5. I am sad to say, race is the only issue with the “Christian” right. Mitch McConnell said, before Obama even took office, that “job one would be to make Obama a one term President.” He hadn’t even taken office yet. So what did they base that statement on? They knew nothing of Obama. It is the highly UNeducated Christian right that is racist.

  6. This is the way conservative Christians act at a “Faith.and Freedom gathering???? This is something they think Jesus would condone??? Wow, that isn’t the Jesus I know,

  7. RUDE..Just speak the Word only..you got no right doing stuff like that..For the same reason you accuse Obama Islamic’s accuse you America..You were Gay waaay before it became Law to marry! Any nation that forgets God will be turned into hell..Now tell me is Obama the whole nation? No.. He gave people permission to do what they’re already doing! You’ve been Gay for a looong time America since 1900’s openly & in secret. Just speak the Word…. if they reject God’s Word ..God will reject them. Just make sure you do what you’re suppose to.

  8. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE PRESIDENT RACE!! The Republicans/Tea Party have give every racist in the country consent to act out by the way they treat the President. Everything that is wrong in this country is the President fault, although he was not born when their ancestors decided to treat us as sub-humans that is his fault to. Nothing will change until Black People stop being jealous of one another and work together. Every Ethnic group comes together but Black people. White folks know this and laugh all the way to the Bank.

  9. It saddens me that after President Obama has served 6 years in office that he still not respected. I believe that he is the only president that has received so much disrespect. And I know people say it it not a race issue, but I believe this is definitely apart of the problem.How can we move forward if race continuously becomes and issue.

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