Professional bodyguards Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard, the authors of “Michael Jackson: Remember The Time” didn’t set out to destroy Michael Jackson’s credibility or reputation in their new book. They wanted to pay homage to the man they worked for for almost two years and give his fans some insight into how difficult his life had become in its last years.

Though they were not working with or around Jackson in the last  months of his life, their experiences working with him gave them a glimpse into the challenges he faced. The ill-fated 50-date London tour, cancelled due to his death in 2009, they say, was not something Jackson wholeheartedly wanted to do.

“He wanted to do the tour but he didn’t want to do 50 shows,” Beard told the Tom Joyner Morning Show. “He would tell us all the time that when people come to my concerts, they expect me to perform from the beginning to the end. I can’t do that any more. I’m 50 years old. I can’t sit on a stool like the Osmonds and perform my hits.

“When people come to my shows, they want me to perform from beginning to end. He was such a perfectionist. He always took pride in performing from beginning to end. He used to tell us a story that he would consume 6,000 to 8,000 calories every day before a show because he would lose 1-3 pounds per show.”

The bodyguards, who worked for free for part of their time with Jackson because he was in such financial disarray, were not bound by the standard non-disclosure agreement. They say things were so unorganized in his camp that they were often the ones ensuring other staffers signed them.

The book, according to fans and readers who have posted their feedback on it, also details Jackson’s devotion to fatherhood. His children were central to his life. Beard and Whitfield say that they don’t believe the pedophilia allegations that haunted Jackson throughout his career were true. (He was acquitted of child molestation in a sensational 2005 trial.)

They say he did have female friends – they would take him to visit two women while Jackson was on vacation in Virginia.

“The young ladies who came to visit him, they didn’t come to his house where his kids were. That only happened when we were on vacation in Virginia. These two women we would take him to them and they’d hang out, go to dinner, walk around downtown D.C.”

But Whitfield says that the women never stayed overnight with Jackson.

The bodyguards also provide some insight on how Dr. Conrad Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011  for providing Jackon with a cocktail of drugs including propofol, an overdose of which killed him, became the singer’s personal physician.

When one of Jackson’s children fell ill in Vegas, a late night trip to a doctor’s office led the media to believe Jackson was ill instead. After that, the bodyguards say, he wanted a doctor who could come directly to the house for any medical issue. That is how he came under the care of Murray.

One of the biggest surprises for his guards was Jackson’s love for classical music. It’s what he enjoyed most when he was listening to music on his own, both in the car and in his home. And they confirm his legendary work ethic as well a a penchant for takeout food that included ice cream, popcorn and hot wings.

“When he went into his studio mode, we wouldn’t even disturb him,” says Beard. “You got to know him enough that you wouldn’t disturb him. We would call him or we would ring the doorbell. He would come to the door.”

The bodyguards laugh when asked about Jackson’s nose, rumored to have been whittled down to gristle after his multiple plastic surgeries.

“Not true that he didn’t have a nose,” says Whitfield. “He always had a nose We’ve seen his nose a million times.”

Though neither man was with Jackson in the last days of his life, both had a feeling that things were getting bad for him.

“I certainly got the vibe that it was totally different [when Jackson was rehearsing for the London shows.] I’m starting to see this whole King of Pop thing form,” says Whitfield. When asked if they felt bad about his declining physical condition in the time before his death, they both say yes.

“Sad for him, all the time,” Whitfield says. “I didn’t think he would not [make the tour] but I didn’t think he was enthused.”


8 thoughts on “Jackson Bodyguards Reveal His Challenges In New Book

  1. Ms. Smith on said:

    Bravo Amber! Finally someone giving the facts since the media refuse to do it! MJ was a human being and he was innocent. None of us will ever know what its like to have people and the media hound you everywhere you go. R.I.P. Michael Jackson.

  2. Amber on said:

    The authors seem to care about MJ and seem to be truthful and concern about MJ and one of the FEW books that seem to talk about the truth. I will buy it. Good job.

  3. I’m not surprised about anything the authors discussed this morning. I lost respect for MJ many many years ago when he started drastically changing his appearance. The man definitely had deep seeded issues. I know there are mixed reviews; but I always believed he was a peodiphile.

    • Amber on said:

      Joy, you sound stupid. Were you at his trial? I was at his trial to see all the evidence and even the people making the claims and to see that they were clearly lying on MJ? Do you know the evidence? Clearly you do not know the facts (believe me, if anyonem especially in the media who tried to degrade him until they were in court and heard the facts as well, really thought MJ was a pedo, MJ would NOT be celebrated in the media before or after his death). It is clear Joy that your bias towards MJ chaning his nose is your reason for your bias to believe a lie. And for the record, MJ did have a skin diease which was even in his death report. It does NOT matter what YOU believe, you clealy KNOW NOTHING. MJ was innocent man whom many folks took advantage of of his kindness, his talent, etc. As for the family problems, what family does not have problems. If ALL OF US and our lives with our family was put on tv, WE ALL WOULD LOOK JUST like the Jacksons or worst (noboby cares about our family). Rest in Peace MJ. Michael will ALWAYS be loved and celebrated no matter what HATERS think. MJ will live on even when his haters are dead and gone.

    • Amber on said:

      Also, alot of stuff from the 1993 case were brought in and that was proven UNDER CROSS EXAMINE to be a LIE. MJ went to trial due to a DA who was just out to get him. In court, both DA looked stupid even Geraldo Rivera, who once though MJ was guilty but changed his mind after getting involved and seeing the evidence and everyone, called the DA “maddog”. So again, until you know the FACTS, be quiet. Be careful in accusing someone of a crime, you may find yourself in a situation and want someone to listen to the facts of YOUR case JOY. It happens.

    • Rachel on said:

      Why is it that the same ppl have to slander him? Who are you joy? Certainly not a fan..wish ppl like you would just quit being stupid..I plan to read this book I think it’s important..

    • Amber on said:

      Yeah but if you can not depend on your father and you are viewed as a “check book” in your father’s eyes. what else could MJ. Yes, Joe was there but Joe also wanted to control MJ and that was not going to happen.

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