Cynthia Bailey might not return to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but according to Gary With Da Tea, she’s not letting that stop her. Listen to Gary’s Tea in the audio player to hear what big announcement Cynthia and her husband Peter Thomas made that proves they are trying to keep it moving!

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24 thoughts on “RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey & Peter Thomas Make Big Announcement

  1. aluap eknrew on said:

    i like both cynthia and peter. you all must be alone. it is okay for a man to speak his words. i ould never respect a guy who just sat back and let someone insult others. funny, you all criticize others…what is it that you are doing in your boring lives??????????????

  2. Marie on said:

    I like Kenya… She’s often ganged up on by most of the women, but holds her own very well. Pheadra seemed desperate to marry a loser like Apollo. She needs to stop bragging to Kenya like she has some kind of prize. She maybe smart, but marrying a man like him may be proven one of her dumbest mistakes. What kind of man spends so much time and money in the strip club. SMH. Get a real job and stop stealing peoples hard EARNED money.

  3. Marie on said:

    Cynthia is my favorite cast member. She seems to be a beautiful person in and out. I admire that she has been a professional model all of these years but remains the most grounded of the bunch. Porsha is an idiot. I would suggest that she think before she speaks, but I don’t think that would help lol. Nene has let the fame and $$ get to her head. With all of that $$ she has you’d think she would file those horse teeth down and fix those huge pores on her face.

  4. Southern Charm on said:

    The media needs to cast real life programs. Especially for single parents out here trying to make it and survive and not portray for the cameras. It seems like people with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ gets on this attention while the poor and middle class people seem not to exist in the celebrity style. There are some single parents (moms and dads) that get down with the down for their family and its not always about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$, what happened to the everyday people???? This society and media is all messed up. SO SAD FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE

  5. fannieee on said:

    good you not returning c bailey you are showing some class about yourself your show horrible for black women find your passionate somewhere else and have some style and class about yourself

  6. cassandra Burnette on said:

    I think they should ALL return. No more spin-offs. Life is a roller coaster ride with lots of scary,crazy turns, and filled with lots of crazy emotional people. But you know we enjoy the thrill of the ride, we ejoy the diversity of the people. Thats what makes a successful roller coaster ~and a successful show. so CHILL and enjoy the ride.

  7. mickey on said:

    Nene forgot where she came from.letting fame get to her..what a c..t.and as for kayna she got what she was looking for.crazy ass b…h

  8. Livinlavidaloca on said:

    IMHO Cynthia was the classiest one on the program…regardless of what her husband says or does, she for the most part tried to remain above all of the pettiness of Nene (Me thinks this one’s head is as big as the Goodyear blimp now…talk about a lil fame going to one’s head!!) and Kenya…I hear all of the negative comments about her on these posts but most of you folks give Phaedra and that airhead Porscha a pass on their behavior. Do ya thing Cynthia…and remain classy always.

    • The fame didn’t go to NeNe’s head. It went straight to her butt. Have you seen that thing? It is huge. Cynthia is a beautiful and classy lady.

  9. I sit in front of my tv and just scream. Frist Peter, seriously Stop, get the hell out of women business. Just shut the Hell Up.
    Nene, girl this season the ugly side came out again. Just own it, its you. That party that you host was a set up.
    Kenya, why would you keep picking at a unstable woman. Porsha Stewart is still confused about the underground railroad. Lol, that shit still make me laugh. Drop, roll and laugh. Poor Porsha.

    New Orleans

  10. A lot of cast members were disappointing this season and showed very ugly sides of themselves. Nene was the most disappointing. I would not watch a spinoff with Cynthia, too shady and flip flops and I have to say Nene was right about Peter getting involved in women’s business. And Kenya? They should have stopped that reunion dead in its tracks and taken away the bullhorn. She got what she deserved. The host had a hand in that letting it continue. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

    • Dreanna on said:

      Cynthia is a joke, she is nothing but a busy Barbie doll who meddle’s in everyone else business. Cynthia goes where the drama is and always stir crap up, she needs to take care of that low life husband of hers who’s taking her out of everything.

  11. Our group of family and friends would not watch their show. Cynthia is beautiful but wishy washy and Peter blew it when he kept confronting the women. Bravo needs to seriously evaluate whether RHOA should return for another season. If so, needs to recast the whole show.

  12. Totally ridiculous. Peter’s business always go bankrupt. Who is financing the new Bar One in charlotte. Cynthia is an idiot and Peter is a loser.

  13. adrienne on said:

    I think them doing there own show is great but Peter don’t seem to keep a business open every season it’s been something with the money I’m just saying

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