According to TMZ Sports, former New York Knicks star Larry Hughes is being questioned by the NYPD as part of a sexual assault investigation.

TMZ reports that the NYPD was investigating an incident at the Trump Soho in NYC and apparently Hughes is the suspect.

The accuser is said to be a  22-year-old woman who reportedly went to a hospital after the alleged sexual assault and told a doctor she was raped.

According to the report, Hughes met the alleged victim at Greenhouse nightclub late Thursday evening and the two walked to the Trump SoHo together at around 4 AM. Hughes is said to be the majority owner of Greenhouse nightclub and has supposedly taken over all operations from previous owner/operator Barry Mullineaux who resigned back in January.

Hughes was allegedly taken out of the Trump SoHo in handcuffs earlier today!  However, the NYPD is not confirming this information as of yet. 

TMZ has tried multiple times to contact NYPD, Trump SoHo and  Hughes himself about the alleged incident…but have not been able to get any confirmation from anyone about anything. 



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