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04/15/14 –

Dear Tom,

My brother Frankie is a selfless, generous, and loving, young man.

Despite some hard times he’s had at a young age, Frankie graduated from high school with honors, he went to Jackson State University, then he returned to get his masters; and now he’s working on his doctorates in the field of cyber security.

He also served our country in the army in Iraq. He is a single father that co-parents his son Micah 7, who has autism.

Frankie does not just have the standard visitation for Micah. He is at every event, doctor’s appointment, school meeting, and autism events– basically anything that has to do with autism and Micah.

He is very patient with him and loves him beyond anything I have seen. His entire life is centered around my nephew and it just amazes me that he is only 34 years old.

Not only that, my brother opened up his home to me and my daughter after I went through a divorce and relocated to Dallas. I think my brother is a real father and real man. He never asks anyone for anything. He wants to remodel the living room for my nephew to have his own space. Can you help make this possible?  He is so awesome tom. He deserves it and thank you for your consideration.


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One thought on “REAL FATHERS REAL MEN: Frankie Lloyd

  1. Tom,

    Words can’t express the gratitude for your show to choose me for the Real Father, Real Men segment! Honestly, it really didn’t dawn on me how much I have accomplished until reading the letter my sister wrote. WOW! Again THANK YOU and the CREW for this wonderful recognition!!!!

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