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Brianna Owen (pictured) told Fox 2 News Detroit that she was standing outside of a party store in Detroit when a tall man punched her in the face without provocation, but a recently released surveillance video of the encounter tells a different story.

Owen initially told the news outlet that she was out walking at 1 a.m. with a friend to go inside the Grand House of Liquor party store when she was suddenly hit in the face. A series of punches soon followed. Her attacker, she claimed, was a very large man. Owen also says that she and her friend’s cell phones were stolen during the assault.

“He was 6 [feet] 2 [inches tall]. I’m 5 [feet] 5 [inches tall]. I’m 120 pounds. I’m a little girl,” she told FOX 2′s Amy Lange.

However, a surveillance video obtained Fox 2 tells a different story. Owen and her friend appear to be arguing with some guys in a truck.

A White woman then appears and begins arguing with Owen.

The woman, a prostitute in her 50s who goes by the name Lady T, begins fighting with Owen and punches her to the ground. Owen claimed that she went into the store, but the surveillance video shows that she never did. Her friend, however, did enter the store and call 911. Owen says the cops never came and she left.

The cops did appear at the scene, as shown in the surveillance video.

Watch the surveillance video here:

“I don’t know why she’s lying. You see everything in the report in the camera, Sam, the owner of Grand House of Liquor, said. “I don’t know why she is lying.”

When a reporter showed up at Owen’s door to discuss the contradictions in her story , no one answered though someone was inside.

Watch Owen’s initial claim with Fox 2 News here:

The video does show that Owen was assaulted and that a theft may have taken place, but no man appears to ever strike her.

A Detroit Police Department official said that they will pursue charges if a false police report was filed.

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