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In 2005, after 13 years of marriage, music producer Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds and his second wife, Tracey announced that they were divorcing. The hit-maker had produced hits including “Whip Appeal” and co-wrote hits for Johnny Gill (“My, My, My,”), Whitney Houston (“I’m Your Baby Tonight”), and Madonna (“Take a Bow”), but his marriage began to fall off the charts. Tracey is currently dating former NFL superstar Deion Sanders. On “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” Babyface opened up about his friendship with his ex-wife and his feelings on her new relationship.

“You are famous for having one of the best divorces anybody’s ever heard, seen, known or read about,” Oprah tells Babyface in the above video.

Though Babyface admits that he didn’t think Tracey’s plans to marry Eddie Murphy was “the best thing,” he shares how her new beau quickly won over his respect.

Sanders, who stars in the upcoming OWN reality series “Deion’s Family Playbook,” recently sat down with Babyface to have a man-to-man conversation. “Deion’s a good guy,” Babyface says. “Tracy’s a good girl. She’s the mother of my children and we have a great relationship and we live to make sure our children are happy. “

Babyface explains that it was a classy move on Sanders part that helped him earned his admiration.

No divorce is sweet and rarely is it as amicable as hoped for. However, there are three keys that divorcing couples can learn in order to make their departure from the relationship as peaceful and stress-free as possible:

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