It’s no secret, secular folk aren’t the only ones ‘winning’ in the reality TV game. With the help of shows like ‘Preachers of LA‘ and ‘The Sisterhood’ and ‘The Sheards’, Christians seem to be carving out their own lane with non-scripted TV.

Media partner recently chatted with two very opinionated reality TV stars who have done their share of both filming reality TV – Omarosa and celebrity stylist Goo Goo (sister to Erica and Tina Campbell who stars on We TV’s Mary Mary) weigh in on whether Christian’s should do reality TV.

If they agree on how faith-bashed shows like Preachers of LA should portray the church world on television:

Omarosa: If anytime you can get people talking about the church, reflecting about religion, reflecting about their relationships with God, what’s appropriate and what we’re not appropriate than we’re winning….So this is a vehicle to introducing, reintroducing people and encouraging people to be apart of the kingdom.

Goo Goo: You know, I tell the truth right? I think they be wilding out on the show and people are entitled to do what they want to do and you never how they’re going to edit the show but some of the stuff I wish they kind of would conceal. Because it’s kind of one of those things that its like, that’s family business. We all know that we have ups and downs like that fight I almost got into last week, I wouldn’t put that on TV.

What are your views on CChristian reality tv? Are you okay with it or would you rather not see Christians in that light?

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2 thoughts on “Omarosa, Mary Mary’s Goo Goo Debate On Christians Doing Reality TV

  1. Camella Jenkins on said:

    They expose who they really are in a very negative way so I say no to those so called “Christian Reality Shows.” It’s poor representation of the Kingdom of God. The way the women dress is too wordly, and talking about how sexy they are also misrepresenting the Kingdom of God. We don’t need to know about their “sex appeal” that’s private keep it in bedroom your home. Most of them have bad tempers and a bad attitude=not representing the Kingdom of God. Take the word “Christian” out and just call it what it really is just another “Reality Show”. The only ones I truly see representing the Kingdom of God is Bishop Drew and Lady Karen Sheard, the rest of them can go fly a kite.

  2. James R. on said:

    No, Apostles, Pastors, Bishop, Elders, should not appear in Reality Shows, why air your dirty laundry at home to your congregation. If you are trying to win souls to Christ, the unsaved would see you as pathetic, with poor leadership skills, if you don’t have your own house in order, what qualifies you to lead the Body of Christ, most of these shows does not set good examples of a Christian.

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