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January 29, 2013.  That was the last time R&B star Alicia Keys posted a photo to the Instagram social network before this week. She broke her streak on March 24th when she a posted pic of herself poolside in a bathing suit and heels. Her husband Swizz Beatz posted his approval on his own page stating, “She’s back on Instagram for real!”

Of course this was missed in all of the talk of the couple being on vacation with Swizz’ ex-wife Mashonda, but we see where Swizz’ attention was the whole time. In fact, he followed up Alicia’s post with one of his own for #WCW with Alicia in the same outfit, but this time in a provocative squat poolside. “She’s going to kill me for posting this he wrote,” clearly sorry but not sorry.

Check out Alicia’s return to Instagram plus a few more goodies in this week’s “Hump Day” round-up.

Alicia Keys Crushes In Return To Instagram [PHOTOS] was originally published on theurbandaily.com

3 thoughts on “Alicia Keys Crushes In Return To Instagram [PHOTOS]

  1. Black Moses73 on said:

    That’s a classic example of morals going out the window when it comes to money. Mashonda looked pretty pathetic in that picture while Swizz was kissing Alicia. I had respect for her until now. They played her twice. First when they cheated and tried to deny it and this time with the vacation thing. They probably paid her to act like they were a happy family, so Alicia can keep her good girl image.Sad

    • Alexis on said:

      Actually, dumbass, mashonda went on that trip because her & swizz’s son, kasseem jr, was there, and she obviously wanted to be with her son for spring break. She did not get “paid” goddamn you have no type of common sense.

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