Kanye West has never been accused of keeping quiet when things are important to him. This week, his public campaign to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine with his fiancée Kim Kardashian became reality as the duo made the April cover of the venerated magazine. Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who has reportedly scoffed in the past at Kardashian’s high-fashion ambition released a statement before the cover even hit stands, saying that West was an “agent provocateur” and that Kardashian’s “strength of character” was part of the reason she made a great cover girl.

If Wintour’s reasoning behind the cover was to embrace the digital era with a cover that went viral, she got it. As soon as it hit the web, longtime Vogue readers hit social media to express their disappointment and disgust with the cover choice. Both Vogue.com and Vogue’s Facebook page are on fire with commentary that excoriates Wintour for the Kanye/Kim cover. Several hundred readers are either cancelling subscriptions, have cancelled or vow to never buy Vogue again.

But why the fuss? Magazines, which have been hit hard by the changes in the publishing industry, have to do their best to stay relevant and embracing what their cover line called #theworldsmosttalkedabout cover with the hashtag included is their way of saying times have changed. But for many, the idea that Vogue, the preeminent Bible of fashion for over 100 years, would put Kim Kardashian on its cover is a travesty. At the end of the day, Kim is a reality TV star that came to public attention via a sex tape she did with her then-boyfriend, singer Ray J.

The vitriol heading Kanye’s way doesn’t deny that he, at least, has a viable talent and career, but his public meltdowns have given him the unofficial title of world’s least likable artist. What upsets readers and fashionistas more than anything else is that Vogue has been held up for so long as a brand that showcases excellence. It’s been the example of high style and class for aspirational designers, models, actresses and stylists who would pore over its pages to dream about bright lives or careers in New York, London or Paris. For those outside those big cities, its fabulous photography, sultry supermodels and views into How The Other Half Lived were inspirations to do better themselves.

Up until the last decade, Vogue, and most other fashion magazines featured models on their covers. But after the supermodel era dominated by models with name recognition like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Heidi Klum, and Kate Moss, models were replaced with actresses and musicians. Fashion observers can understand why Beyonce, Michelle Obama, Rihanna and Jennifer Hudson, as well as fashion icons/actresses like Sarah Jessica Parker are on Vogue’s cover.

But Kim Kardashian, whose never made the cover of any other high-end fashion magazine (her usual covers are tabloids, let’s be clear) is now Vogue-worthy, what does that mean? What it means is that Vogue has either decided to ride with the times or they’ve made a fatal branding error. Only time will tell. But there is some smoke to the fire (and not just what comes from people burning the magazine). Though racism may play a role in the anger over the cover, as does slut-shaming, there does seem to be a general consensus from Vogue readers that although the Kardashians are part of pop culture, there are some limits to their influence. Despite wearing many different high-end designers, Kim and her sisters have never been considered amongst the entertainment fashion elite, in the same way that say, fashion risk-taker Rihanna, is.

Kim is widely viewed as a woman who, along with her family, are shameless hustlers who have succeeded on one level but have also dragged pop culture down to nauseating levels of tackiness. Rightly or wrongly, this Vogue cover legitimizes a woman who many feel should not be held up as an example and should remain in her lane of dubious celebrity.

The overwhelmingly positive response to actress Lupita Nyong’o, who slayed global red carpets during her Oscar run, shows that many people still favor class over crass. Sadly for Vogue, who for years has set the trends instead of following them, elected for the latter over the former.

Will this cover be the ultimate demise of yet another iconic American brand? That’s yet to be seen. But we think it was a colossal misstep on Vogue’s part. For Kim and Kanye, it’s just another round of the media attention they’re both addicted to. For them, fame is a helluva drug.

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31 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: Is This Vogue? Kim and Kanye Cover Sparks Backlash

  1. Tammy on said:

    This proves our media is becoming tabloid than creditable news and people. This has been happening over the past ten years and it is getting worst; but we, as a society, is the blame for this; and when things get out of hand, we want to wonder “how did this happen”.

  2. Kanye West is a mess and his whore lady is not a best dressed. Vogue crumbled under Kanye’s request to have the whore put on the cover. Kim is a slut with an oversized ass and Kanye is a lecherous sex addict. Kanye thinks he hit the lottery with Kim and all he got was about 15 other black dudes sloppy seconds to the 14th degree. Sad what can sell and has no benefit to the readers. Just another photo-op for the K’s. Shame on you Vogue, you’ve lost all hope for keeping your mag a classic.

  3. Wow! America has really stooped to a new low. A loud-mouthed, minimally talented, delusional jerk and his whore on the cover of a formerly classy magazine.

  4. It angers me when desperate people try to hide this tacky couple behind “racism!!” I’m not mad about this cover because it shows Anna got desperate!!! Did President Obama have to whine to national media the VERY intelligent First lady should be on a cover of ANY mag??? Something tells me Kris Jenner knows when she looks in the mirror she has done a horrible job in the morals department even if the bank account has a zillions zeros. Is it worth it your family is a SNL joke of the country……..

  5. Barb11 on said:

    I am disappointed with all of you whom are so upset, why because the cover has WHAT to do with your life and why do you CARE!! LIVE AND LET LIVE, PEOPLE ITS A COVER of two people that will never be a part of YOUR LIFE!!!!

    • Weeel, let’s see now Barb. BAW asks for opinions. We may not care, but it is fun to read the opinions of others and see how it differs from our own. You have to stop hoopin’ and hollerin’ about what people (who will never be a part of your life, btw) have to say about things. Just calm down.

  6. This has nothing to do with them being an interracial couple. This has to do with class which is something Vogue had until they put these two trashy, classless people on the cover. Its sad that she let Kanye manipulate her into putting them on the cover. Kim is trash and she has done nothing worthwhile to prove she isn’t and Kanye no words can describe him. Vogue so disappointed in you.

    • Amber on said:

      I agree. Although many people may not like the fact that they are an interracial couple; the MAIN reason is the kind of people they are. Vogue use to be a magazine for high quality. NOT anymore. It took black models years before they were allowed to be on the cover of Vogue but a chic like Kim who is known for a sex tape and Kanye get on it for what they do. Give me a break.

  7. Oh good. A woman famous by letting the world see her get pissed on in a sex tape along with the man who is soon to be her husband. And is the same man who chose to exploit his future wife even further by having her appear buck naked, on a motorcycle, looking yet again, as if she’s being banged. Only this time it’s by him. Trash with cash, but absolutely no class. Shame on Vogue.

  8. jamel on said:

    I think it was a big misstep for Anna Winutor to put them on the cover. You can see them on any trashy magazine. This was a wrong choice, She caved in to pressure but sometimes you have to stick with your gut. She held out for soo long. Kim K is disgusting. Beautiful yes! but.. she adds no art to what she does. Didn’t even put a good sex tape. Boring.
    Kanye is with her because he can manipulate and control her!!!!

  9. Kim or Kanye Is not my cup of tea, but Vogue can put whom ever they want on the cover. This is all about them being an interracial couple and the drama in their life.

    • Amber on said:

      ANd people can trash and talk about whom they want as well. Just because you are an interracial couple does NOT give you a pass that everyone has to like you or what you do.

    • Ivan Cohen on said:

      As time goes by, this “interracial couple” will need to prove their hands on parenting skills such as involvement with the PTA when their child starts attending school. Perhaps stories on Kim and Kanye will appear in those kinds of magazines. And if they play their cards right, they might even get in Reader’s Digest.

  10. iann11 on said:

    I agree with the backlash, How can you possibly put two of the MOST, VILE, DISGUSTING, VAPID, NON TALENTED, MENTALLY CHALLENGED,HORRIBLE,SELF ABSORBED, TRASHY, STARVED FOR ATTENTION, SOULESS, BRAINLESS Pieces of S____ On the cover of a magazine that represents World Class, Sophistication, Elegance, Style, Grace, Beauty, and Impeccability, With this crap. I’ll never look at Vogue Magazine the same EVER again, after plastering the cover we two of the LOWEST forms of Life!!!!!!

  11. Daniel Asamota on said:

    I love the cover for I love Kim Kardashian! Kanye West is probably the greatest rapper on the planet right now and so this is a super couple! Everytime racists raise their voice it makes news! Kim is a beautiful woman and more famous than most other no names who seem to make the cover of Vogue! Plus guaranteed; they will sell MORE covers than they ever have EVER! I’m going out to buy me a copy now so haters hate on! You ain’t stoppin nothing!

    • Amber on said:

      Hatin? YOu can not hate on clowns (even clowns and serial killers get attention. that does NOT mean you are doing well). Even the BOston bomber made the cover of Rolling Stone.Go figure.

    • Nobody is jealous of that trashbag. Are you kidding me – her “beauty” isn’t even REAL – I hate when people call it “jealousy” when disapproval for this slvt is expressed – Kim AND Kanye have POOR TRACK RECORDS — Kim is an attention wh(0)re – she constantly snaps “selfies” showing off her FAKE BACKSIDE & posts it on Instagram – she’s in a sex tape sucking a huge black dcik, getting peed on & BANGED “from the back” – she wasted MILLIONS on a televised wedding only to file for divorce 72 days later. That wedding was ALL FOR ATTENTION. I won’t even get into the fact that she hurt that man more than anyone may know, and her reality show is nothing but a show of a bunch of self-absorbed, vain, no-talent attention wh(0)res – Kim’s body is FAKE. Pics from 2006 show her backside & boobs as “flat to average” but in 2010 that same backside & boobs were HUGE – #AZZSHOTS #SILICON – she parades around like she’s a Goddess but this BTICH is one of the phoniest people alive & Kanye is one of the biggest loudest MOUTHES in the industry – he’s SICKENING, he’s ARROGANT, he thinks he’s God, he thinks he’s a GENIUS & he runs his mouth about sht he knows nothing about. KANYE WEST BEGGED ANNA WINTOUR FOR THE COVER OF VOGUE MAGAZINE, he insulted & disrespected the President & First Lady by saying on an interview that “no one cares what Barack Obama is wearing” – and – “Kim is more influential than Michelle Obama” – and – “Michelle Obama can’t post a pic of herself on Instagram in a bikini like Kim did”, telling the WORLD that people are more concerned with what KIM is wearing than First Lady, which I think is so inappropriate & a cheap shot at the President & his Wife. Kanye’s lyrics are disrespectful to women bcz he refers to them as “ho’s” & “btiches”, even calls his “fiancé” a “btich” & BRAGS about having an orgasm in Kim’s MOUTH, shooting “cvm” in Kim’s MOUTH & “impregnating Kim in her MOUTH” – Kanye had Kim pretty much NAKED in a video straddling a motorcycle & simulating having sex on that same motorcycle. THIS BTICH HAS NO TALENT. Kanye has been steadily trying to shove her funky a**zzz down our throats & change her image, while Anna Wintour’s LYING DUMB AZ**ZZ finally gives into Kanye’s BEGGING – OR – Kanye paid his & Kim’s way onto the cover of Vogue.
      There is absolutely NOTHING for anyone to be JEALOUS. Anytime you parade around with FAKE BODY PARTS & TONS of makeup while your boyfriend BEGS YOUR WAY onto the cover of Vogue it shows you AND your boyfriend as two PATHETIC LOW CLASS GAGS BEGGING & “SHOW-ASSING” THEIR WAY INTO “HIGHER PLACES”.
      The minute Vogue magazine put these two FRAUDS on its cover was the minute Vogue magazine FELL OFF – that magazine will NEVER be the same – WTF is there to be JEALOUS about???.

  12. tewdeeq on said:

    I must say that Kim K on this cover appears more beautiful than the usual plain janes with make-up on today’s cover magazines as opposed to ones of the supermodel era. It is to bad that she has too much bad publicity for this too be appreciated. Glad that there is something more than a plain jane on a magazine cover and this one as well.

    • Amber on said:

      Well, when you build your fame foundation on a sex tape, that is what you are ALWAYS going to have to deal with . Look at woman you all call “Superhead”. She will never be viewed no more than a chick who slept with most rappers because her fame came from sex, not from a talent. The same with Kim. Kanye can one day bounce back if is stop acting like a nut because his fame was based on his talent until now.

      • Superhead is a PERFECT example. Superhead will ALWAYS be looked at as a low-class trashy high-priced WH(0)RE who slept with EVERY N!99A IN THE INDUSTRY. She could become CEO of Microsoft & she’ll STILL be looked at as a WH(0)RE & no one will take her seriously. She did NOT come up on talent, like you said. She “came up” thru sleeping around, giving head, being a DISGUSTING BTICH & then being a SNITCH bcz she put EVERYBODY’s business out there in her stupid little tell all book. She may have made money off that book but her respect is non-existent. So many people despise her & have NO RESPECT for her & she’s lucky no one put a “hit” on her for that book she wrote …..

  13. The Sartorial Coquette on said:

    I was so disappointed with Vogue about this cover. Kim K is no fashion icon – she dresses for the media, and has no particular style. This is definitely a huge branding error in my opinion, it distances Vogue from their more sophisticated (and aware) audience.

    • Ivan Cohen on said:

      You mean there is still a “more sophisticated (and aware) audience for Vogue? I thought that group went out of style(no pun intended) with the “jet set.”

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