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Have you noticed that Trey Songz has been looking a little more mannish these days? Now that he’s 29 (and turning 30 this year) it’s a little more acceptable for grown women to um, appreciate him.

Just ahead of his new Atlantic Record release Trigga, the man born Tremaine Neverson dropped a sexy new video “Nana” with the equally sexy video model Rosa Acosta. (We don’t think he’s talking about grandmothers, though.)

In the video, Trey goes on a nice date and afterwards his date suggests something new.

Little does he know it’s going to be a workout session. In a gym, though we don’t know where you go to find a gym that’s all black and white and empty of other patrons, but Trey obviously does.

Check it out. There’s no nudity, but unless your workplace is OK with you watching scantily dressed sexy folks in close contact, then use discretion. 

And Trey has obviously spent a little time of his own hitting the weights, bulking up his 6’1 frame. The results are showcased in this video, which will make you want to lace up your sneakers and head out to find a workout partner.


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