When it comes to legendary women of soul, the first two names that come to mind are Patti LaBelle and Aretha Franklin. The two ladies have both helped kick open the door for black artists to flourish. However, somewhere with both women striving for success, there was some type of bad blood. How do we know? Well, at a recent concert, Aretha Franklin hit Patti LaBelle with so much shade, Patti thought hell might have actually frozen over.

The two legends were present at the White House’s “Women of Soul” concert over the weekend. Franklin entered the room to a standing ovation. On her way to her seat, Franklin passed LaBelle. LaBelle reached out her hand to the Queen of Soul and that hand was left high and dry. Aretha Franklin looked at Patti’s hand like, “Chile, you know I don’t mess with you.

Don’t try to get cute in front of these cameras.” As Franklin hit LaBelle with the side eye, she brushed past LaBelle and headed to her seat while still enjoying the adulation from the audience.



Since both of the women are almost as known for their shading moments as their voices, we wanted to ask you, who is the queen of shade throwing?

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13 thoughts on “Dueling Side Eye Divas: Aretha Franklin Disses Patti LaBelle

  1. RecognizeLife on said:

    Aretha has always been insecure and a bitch! Sorry, but its true. Patti is also known for being difficult for the different reasons, primarily having felt she never got the respect that she deserves. Sorry, kids, these women need to grow up and get over themselves, they are famous and talented but there are just as many talented people that are janitors that just have not had the breaks they have. The most beautiful women in the world is probably not Miss America. Get over it!

  2. Well Im going to let you know just in case you don’t know. Patti is a Philly girl and she don’t give a damn about REEREE acting like an old ass minor. Patti can out sing her any day of the week. Patti has class always look good and very fashionable. REEREE clothes don’t even fit her anymore. You would think she would get them tailored. And that fur coat has got to be 40 years old. Don’t be a hater. Both of you earned your respect.

  3. Daniel Asamota on said:

    Aretha doesn’t like to share the spotlight. Some years back she dissed Stevie Wonder when he came out onstage during her set on an awards show to sing with her. She stopped him cold and did it in such an unclassy way I had to really have to wonder about her. But she IS the queen of soul!

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