An unnamed Little Rock, Ark., teacher at Forest Heights Middle School accidentally showed her students last Wednesday, an explicit video of her performing sex acts on her fiancé, according to Arkansas Matters KARK-TV.

The 7th grade teacher reportedly told officials she was dumbfounded as to how her steamy video got mixed up with her lesson notes.


The incident, which took place last week, has the students’ parents up in arms about the illicit material that their children we’re exposed to, even if it was “mistake.”

School officials have launched an investigation in to the matter, but one disturbed Dad, Nicholar Tolerson (pictured), is demanding some accountability for the teacher’s irresponsibility by asking for disciplinary action to be taken against the educator as well, “[My son] says she was performing sex acts. My heart goes out not only to my son, but other kids in the classroom.”  Tolerson says that even though his son’s teacher did call him after the incident to personally apologize, the educator’s remorse is just not enough.

No information has been released on whether school officials have instituted any disciplinary actions against the teacher.

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4 thoughts on “Teacher Mistakenly Shows Sex Tape To Students

  1. Reality on said:

    Technology is advancing. There will be mishaps. It’s unfortunate but not worth her losing her job. She’s doing what a lot, including some “parents”, refuse to. She’s embarrassed already. At least she had the nerve to admit it.

  2. Guest on said:

    Tolerson acts as if he’s a saint. His kid is probably the worst in the class and he sees an opportunity to get back at the teacher. The teacher is humiliated already, especially with this making national news. Fame ain’t coming from showing a sex tape to kids. While it’s a horrible mistake, no one is dead. Focus on bring a parent & start a dialogue with your kid. They’re probably kcufing already anyway.

  3. Wayne Campbell on said:

    Hey Jay, do a Murder the hit remix to Pharell’s” Happy”. Use the word Nappy and play on that!! Would be hilarious

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