George Zimmerman refuses to stay under the radar.

On Saturday, March 8, 2014, Zimmerman did a special appearance at a gun show in Orlando, Florida.

According to the New York Daily News, he greeted “fans” and signed autographs on a photo of him posing with his dog.


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The New Orlando Gun Show event was scaled down and held at the Arms Room Store after it was moved from a larger location due to public outrage over the event.

One of the show’s organizers and a Zimmerman supporter, Mike Piwowarski, says he plans on suing the Majestic for $300,000  for cancelling the original event.

The New York Daily News also reports “fewer than 20 people at the New Orlando Gun Show asked for a free autograph or photo with Trayvon Martin’s reclusive killer.”


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(Photos: Instagram/WESH screenshot)

11 thoughts on “SMH: George Zimmerman Signs Autographs at Gun Show

  1. Deuce on said:

    What kind of HUMAN wants “anything” to do with this disgusting, cowardly CHILD KILLER? How trifling are you to consider yourself a Zimmerman “fan”? Really? You idolize a murderer? Any such person is obviously just racist, but wants to avoid that label. What has he done to benefit society? The guy has no redeeming qualities and is ONLY known for killing a BLACK kid (that’s what so-called “fans” truly admire about him). He abuses woman, gets in trouble with police, is lazy & unemployed, etc. He’s a “hero” in what way??????? Fans????????? WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JanCorey on said:

      Deuce, if any child needed a bullet to be lodged into their heart, it was Trayvon Martin, as proven in court. I thank God each day that Trayvon is now dead as a direct-result of his own criminal actions against a real victim. Thank you God!

      • Deuce on said:

        WRONG………..NO child “needs” a bullet in their heart. Why don’t you “GET” a heart? Zimmerman is hardly a “victim” of anything (except his own racist zealotry). He should have kept his fat a_ _ in his vehicle when police dispatch told him “to NOT follow”. He was looking for trouble (hardly a damn “victim”). I guess he’s also a victim wherein his wife & girlfriend said they were previously beaten by him. I guess he was a victim the multiple times police have stopped him for infractions. Sensible folks notice his pattern of errant behavior. You, on the other hand, feel that ALL of these folks are the problem……..he’s the “victim”. I already explained what sort of person “supports” Zimmerman …….. and WHY. Perhaps you can take ol’Georgie to your next Klan meeting (amidst all of his other admirers). Get lost FOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • JanCorey on said:

        Deuce, you’re WRONG AGAIN………..NO child “needs” a bullet in their heart, except for Trayvon and that mission was so well accomplished. Why don’t you “GET” a heart Deuce? Zimmerman was a “victim” of Trayvon’s beating (except his own racist zealotry before he fortunately died; thank God). He should have kept his thug a_ _ at his home instead of going out to steal some tea and skittles and George Zimmerman rightfully followed the police dispatcher’s direction, guess you missed the trial deush. Trayvon was looking for trouble (hardly a damn “victim”). I guess he’s also a victim too for smoking pot which is also illegal in that state. Educated people are just so very glad he’s now dead as a direct result of his poor choices. Get lost FOOL Deushbag !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • JanCorey on said:

        Deuce, Trayvon certainly needed a bullet in his heart after he attacked Mr. Zimmerman and he got one, right square in his heart, thank God! I only wish Trayvon’s parents would have been there that night to stop Trayvon viscous assault from taking place and had they inappropriately intervened and threatened Mr. Zimmerman also, I wish they too would have received a bullet in their hearts as well.

      • Jan, I can actually feel my IQ drop just talking to you. You make Sarah Palin sound like a genius! Your ranting sounds very immature & repetitive. You keep saying the same thing & I’m not interested in “going around in circles” with you. GROW UP. You have such a fascination with guns/bullets and who “needs” them. What makes you the judge of who lives or dies? You need to work on that GOD complex of yours. Folks are getting real tired of fearful White COWARDS taking innocent lives. You act like ALL people can’t “stand their ground”. Those bullets you’re so fond of may soon start flowing in BOTH directions. By the way, jurors have since stated to media that they now believe Zimmerman is “guilty”. One of them (#B29) says she feels so shameful & apologized publicly to his parents. Zimmerman’s days are numbered………a dead man walking. Karma !!!

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