Rumors are swirling all over the world that Miss Lupita Nyong’o is spoken for! Allegedly she and the Somali rapper K’naan are a couple! According to The Daily Mail , K’naan and Lupita have been seeing quite a lot of one another.

In several published pictures, Lupita is seen with the “Wavin’ Flag“ spitter hugging and walking along together in what appears to be a parking lot. K’naan went with Nyong’o to do press after winning her Oscar award the night previous.

However, two details keep us from jumping completely to this conclusion. For one thing…everyone was trying to say the new Hollywood “It” girl was dating actor Jared Leto just two weeks ago! And the other thing that bugs us is that Lupita and K’naan might possibly be just great friends. There is no proof anywhere that shows the two looking like they are boo-thangs! They look like they are close sure..but that doesn’t have to mean they are going to be the next power couple to run LA! So…we think we’ll wait on her to confirm or deny if K’naan is her fella!

Word to the wise Lupita…everyone is simply taken with you…girl…anyone you so much as shake hands with is going to be called your new boyfriend for at least a week!


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