An employee for Wayne County’s Airport Authority claims a colleague shared a racist e-mail about her with other workers, per WJBK. 

“I was totally shocked,” said Nyota Ellis . “I was more hurt than anything. Is this the culture of the airport? Is this the culture of how they think about black people?”

nyota ellis racist email allegationThe email in question came shortly after Ellis came to work with a short bob. Its subject read, “Take a look,” featuring an attached image of Francine, a brown-skinned character from the popular “Arthur” animated children’s series. Francine also has a similar hairstyle to the one Ellis had.

Ellis, who works for the airport’s real estate department-where she is the only African-American, says she “knew immediately it was about me” after opening the message.

“Clearly this shows some type of animal, with a short brown bob,” Ellis said while looking at the picture with the news team. Numerous officials also received the message.

Ellis says the co-worker who sent the email was Caucasian. “This coming from a white man, how am I supposed to take it?” she asked.

She immediately filed a complaint with the company’s HR department. However, they have been dragging their heels with the process, she claims: ”I was basically told, ‘wait.’ ‘Wait.’ And I’ve been waiting.”

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this individual’s intent,” commented Rob Davis (pictured), chief negotiator for AFSCME, America’s largest public services employee union (of which Ellis also is a part).

“This was a very racist joke in which he sent to other airport officials and they never at any point in time reported it or reprimanded this individual, and for her to have to find this particular unfair depiction of African Americans is totally unfair and will not be tolerated by the AFSCME union.”

The Wayne County Airport Authority has released the following statement in response to the allegations:

“The Airport Authority has a long-standing policy of not discussing personnel matters in public. That being said, WCAA takes any complaint of discrimination very seriously. The organization’s values are posted through the workplace and they include: teamwork, accountability, customer service, integrity, employee respect and embrace diversity.”


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9 thoughts on “Did Mich. Airport Employee Send Racist E-Mail About Black Co-Worker?

  1. Joey on said:

    @ Raleigh and Debbie, your so right, nothing is going to be done about this, they can do and say anything to Us, and get away with it, they can kill us, and get away with it, Its just history Repeating itself if we pay attention, if they could hang us from tree’s again they would. these laws out here are to protect white people, Only not people of color. Justice is not for any people of color. it only works for white folks, now we cannot say or do anything we would be under the jail or fired from our jobs,, this man should be terminated period end.

  2. americanize. on said:

    That’s why we need to separate from these people u can,t legislate.The way some white folk think they are who they are,until we start doing for self,we will never b respected.

  3. Raleigh Delesbore on said:

    The worst thing that could have happened to black people in this country was the 1964 Civil rights Act. Or should I say how caucasians interpreted it. They were not going to build seperate schools, etc., to accomodate black folk. So what did they do? Yeah you can move into this neighborhood, go to this school, etc., Then they moved out and into the surburbs.

  4. Raleigh Delesbore on said:

    I really doubt if anything will be done about this. Michigan is the home of the KKK. White folk just say and do what they want to, because they know nothing will be done about it.

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