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People are on Beyonce‘s case for not meeting her half brother, but is she really wrong for not doing so? Listen to the audio player to hear “The Russ Parr Morning Show” discuss whether Beyonce should meet her brother. Plus, hear what callers had to say.

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8 thoughts on “Should Beyonce Meet Her Half Brother? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

  1. tewdeeq on said:

    Beyonce is not the best influence for this man or his family. If he could find a way to meet his obligations on his own and stay away form that horrid and corrupt Hollywood music industry connection, the better for him and his dependents or kids.

      • tewdeeq on said:

        No I didn’t know. But then even more so. Let the baby grow up in a “NORMAL” environment and that is not Hollywood or being connected to today’s music industry. Hope the baby’s mother takes him away from all of that and find a way to support themselves. Pray for hope to be in this baby’s life not Hollywood its corrupt music industry.

  2. Brn Blesed on said:

    Why is it anyone’s business if Beyonce does or doesn’t want to meet her little brother..Half or other wise? The child is of course innocent in this entire situation but on the other hand “B” is not obligated to him or his mother in any shape form or fashion. Whether it be his birthday, Christmas or whatever it is not her responsibility to act in good gesture to send him gifts. Is anyone making a big deal about Solange meeting him? Nope because she is not really famous.(Just my opinion) It’s not about loyalty to either parent it’s about whether she chooses to have a relationship with her little brother and right now she doesn’t feel the need to. Everyone should get off of their high horse and stop criticizing her for doing what is right for her. This would not even be an issue if she wasn’t a celebrity. Geesh!!!! people get a life of your own instead of telling someone else what they should do with theirs. SMH

  3. Rodney Victorious on said:

    I don’t think she is obligated to meet her half-brother. The child was a manifestation of her father’s infidelity which destroyed her mom and their family and their relationships. Not that the child is at fault but the truth of the matter is that Mathew does not even claim or support the child so why should Beyoncé be obligated to do what her father and the father of the illegitimate child refuses to do. I do think she should send gifts at Christmas just as a gesture of goodwill but nothing beyond that because she does not want to open the door for that illegitimate child’s mother to expect support from Beyoncé when she can’t get support from Mathew. Beyoncé loyalty is to her mom as it should be, and Mathew’s mistake is not Beyoncé’s responsibility. Jus keepin it real !!!!

  4. I said it. on said:

    Beyonce doesn’t have to meet a baby her dad made by stepping out on her mom. The baby’s mom should know that’s usually how it goes. It’s not against the baby, but sometimes the good have to suffer for bad. Either way, my neighbor’s brother introduced himself to my neighbor when he was a teenager outside of the family’s home. It was pointless because they never had a relationship.

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