The Fantastic Voyage 2014 is already chock-full of great entertainment from Snoop to Ice Cube to Charlie Wilson, but with James Fortune and FIYA involved, there’s definitely going to be some holy in the water this year. Fortune’s latest release Live Through It was released last week but it’s already the #1 gospel album on iTunes. Fortune took the time this morning during their In-Studio Jam to talk about some of the songs on the release, the first-ever live recording for the group.

“This is our fifth album and our first live one. It’s been phenomenal. It came out an hour later and it was supposed to come out Tuesday and it came out Monday. I wanted to see if this could work on the gospel side. We still did promotions and marketing, we didn’t just all the way surprise them.”

Fortune says that while 70% of gospel artists still like physical CD’s 30% do download, and obviously, the ones that do must be using iTunes as Live Through This tops its gospel chart. The two-CD set is available now. Kirk Franklin, Israel Houghton and Hezekiah Walker are guests on the recording.

Fortune talks about some of the key tracks:

Live Through This

“We all gotta go through some things in this life. It doesn’t matter your background or where you’re from. There’s some trials and struggles you have to go through but don’t give up because you will live through it. Me and my wife wrote that song. We were able to live through different things in our lives and God gave us the strength and the grace to make it through it. Now we’re sharing that message with people around the world and people are really being blessed with it. We just want to encourage people to live through it whatever you are going through.

Me and my wife – our credibility was being attacked and we had to go through that situation, and He was like ‘James, don’t worry about it, don’t do what the enemy wants you to do, just be still and I’ll fight this battle for you.’ Once it was thrown out, we didn’t have to make a statement about it. God blessed us in an amazing way and brought our family even closer. You’ll have some moment in your life when you will say, ‘Lord, what’s going on’ but you will live through it.”

Light the Way – It’s a song – a good friend of mine, Israel, wrote the song with me. It’s basically saying light the path, show me the way. I need your direction and would you be a light for my path.

Built for This  -Kirk Franklin intro’ed this song that talks about the will of the faithful and how they can survive life’s difficulties with the help of God.

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