It looks like the men are taking the lead this wedding season, at least that’s the case when it comes to Kanye West and Dwyane Wade.

According to reports, Yeezy is a total groomzilla and he’s planning nuptials with his fiancé Kim Kardashinan like an over-the-top stage performance. “It’s just insane,” an insider told Britain’s Heat magazine. “Kanye has basically billed it as … breaking the boundaries of what to expect when it comes to a wedding…This will be the event of the year. Think fashion runway, stage show performance. Think avant grade. Think nothing like you’ve ever seen.”

Along with his decision to wear matching crowns to the ceremony, the source added “he’s sometimes even forgetting to involve Kim in the meetings with the wedding planner.”

Dwyane Wade hasn’t quite reached groom-gone-crazy status like Kanye, but according to wife-to-be Gabrielle Union “he’s been hoarding bridal magazines!”

“I’m out doing wine tastings, secretly this is like his princess moment he has waited for for a long time, he’s been hoarding bridal magazines, he’s very ready,” the “Being Mary Jane” actress joked during an appearance on “The Ellen Show.”

“He’s into aspects I didn’t even know went into wedding planning,” she shared. “To have a centerpiece, to not have a centerpiece—he has very strong opinions. [He says] no centerpieces. Who cares? Um, he does! He’s very particular about the music and the guest list.”

When it comes to music for the reception, Gabby said she and the Miami Heat star just can’t seem to find a balance. “The biggest is like for music. Like I want the O’Jays to play at our wedding. He wants Young Jeezy,” she said, laughing. “You know, I’m like, ‘Ooh, Patti Labelle,’and he’s like, ‘Ariana Grande.’ It’s night and day.”

Kanye and Dwyane are opinionated grooms but we’re sure they just want the special day to be perfect for their wives. We can’t wait to see the final products!

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