Well if anything is clear in this world, it’s that’s Mama Joyce doesn’t like Todd Tucker for her daughter Kandi Burruss.

But “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” mother-antagonist has an ideal man type for her daughter, instead.

“I would like a real man, a man that just looks at her and thinks that she’s the prize, the way I look at her,” Mama Joyce told Sister 2 Sister.

The profession of the man wouldn’t matter along as he’s hard working since she believes Tucker is a cheating opportunist.

“He could be a postman. He could be a policeman. He could be a fireman … as long as when she marries him, he don’t quit his job,” said Joyce who would like Todd more if he had full-time employment, complete with health insurance.”

She continued:

“If he was working a full job, if he was a full production person that has full benefits and all that, I’d be happy,” said Joyce who obviously also wants Kandi with a man who’ll be faithful.

She’s claiming having seen Tucker with someone from another show of which he worked, “The Sisterhood.”

“I thought it was unusual for a woman to come visit there and talk to him,” she said.

She accused Tucker of getting too close with Burruss’ best friend, Carmen — saying the two had been creeping.

“Him and Carmen were sitting at a table, all head to head talking. I’m trying to figure out what they got to talk so much about that they got to be head to head,” she said. “They were eating off the same plate, drinking out the same glass.”

Hire the private detective now!

“If you can get those kinds of pictures, I’d pay for that,” Mama Joyce remembers telling the eye witnesses who told her about their alleged behavior. “I’d pay for that. Kandi would not believe it unless she saw the pictures.”

No photos, only evidence of Mama Joyce threatening to hurt Carmen on a horrid voicemail Burruss listened to.

“I stand by what I said,” Mama Joyce said in reference to her suspicions about Todd. “I’ve never lied about anything.”

Nevertheless, Mama Joyce has apologized for her behavior on the show.

“I was so angry about [the rumors] and then for her to disrespect me, I forgot about the fact that I was on TV. I apologized to fans or anybody that thought of me as a mom or as an adult, I apologize for that,” she said. “That was not me. I was so full and fed up. I did not have control of me. I do apologize for that. That’s not my normal character, but what I would say is that I love my daughter. There’s nothing I won’t do for my daughter.”

7 thoughts on “Mama Joyce Has an Ideal Man Type for Daughter Kandi Burruss

  1. Deborah Jones on said:

    I as a mother am appauled at Mamma Joyce’s behavior and I think that she is just trying to protect her investment meaning that if there is no more of Kandi’s money then there won’t be any left for her I think that she should back off and let her daughter enjoy her happiness

  2. stephanie on said:

    the man would have to have more money than Kandi. for her Ma to be happy. why could it not be that kandi lets him have a position in her business, get a pre;nup be happy and keep it moving .joyce needs to stop trying to live her life through her daughter ,because some man did her wrong. go get laid ol lady and take a chill pill

  3. I’m paraphrasing her interview and this is what she actually meant. “I want my daughter to marry a man who will kiss my butt and allow me to be over their house all the time in their business.”

  4. Rodney Victorious on said:

    I applaud Mama Joyce for wanting to protect her daughter, but like my mom tried to protect me I had to go through hell with gasoline draws on to realize she was right all along. Pull back Mama Joyce because the more you say no, the more she will say yes just to prove you wrong. She will stay with
    him and look past all his flaws and warning signs of adultery and freeloading just to keep you from being able to say, “I told you so.” Mama Joyce have you ever heard of reverse psychology, it actually works you should try it on Khandi. Be that as it may, just pray for her and trust God to do for her what she obviously can’t or won’t do for herself. She’ll need you to pick up the pieces inevitably boo !!!

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