01/31/14- Jacque Reid goes “Inside Her Story” with mental health specialist Asha Tarry about the Angry Black Woman Syndrome and whether it is a real illness.

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18 thoughts on “Does the Angry Black Woman Syndrome Exist? Asha Tarry Answers Inside!

  1. A number of black women are angry because they have given their all to black men that don’t love, respect and appreciate them. I am a Veteran. I have lived outside of the US. You can say what you want to say about us, we are treated like the Queens that we are Overseas. Maybe you should do a Segment on why black men don’t protect their Queens. Oh, my bad; you all are not aware that we are Queens. If you feel that you are successful, and the woman that raised you is black, you better sit your ass down somewhere, shut up, and recongize. We are Queens, don’t ever forget that.!!!

  2. Much of the discussion from Asha Tarry came from the book Going Off: A Guide for Black Women Who’ve Just About Had Enough (hard cover) and Going off: A Black Woman’s Guide for Dealing with Anger and Stress (soft cover). Sharing our words is honorable when credit goes to the book. – all rights reserved. Noreen Palmer & Faye Childs – co-authors

  3. Miss B on said:

    ….and thanks for proving my point. Look, the segment wasn’t meant to be a male bashing party. Tom & J took it there, and now you. The lady was just trying to explain WHY black women are
    angry. We are ‘OWNING UP TO IT’. Instead of you listening and trying to help us, your ‘knee jerk’ is to attack us and make it about you. You are not innocent victims here. If you’re feeling attacked maybe there’s a reason for it. Seems like the black woman is the only one with anger issues. PEACE

  4. PeteNFC on said:

    I must of really pissed you guys off not to put my segment about black women with attitudes up. We had a 30 minute segment that the black community should have got to hear because this is one of blacks women’s worst attribute. Please put my segment up.

  5. I had the opportunity of leaving this part of the world called the USA and didn’t see what you HEAR on programmed TV. I belong to a matriarchal society and our women, daughters, sisters, aunts are not ANGRY. they have not embraced this PERVERTED lifestyle that breeds angriness!!! you take in their discrimination, their subtle superiority complexes, you take in their perversions from their men and our men. in our matriarchal society we have created an environment where our women aren’t exposed to this MADDNESS!!!

  6. I think the solution is to get stuff off of their chests, but not the way they think, When the incessantly b…, uh complain and verbally attack they are not helping themselves or anyone else. by the time you complain to the second or third person you should realize that you still feel no better and it is still n your chest. They need to figure out the solution and work toward that and realize that not everything they don’t like is the worst thing in the world. I their attitudes that make a difference between a ball player and his ex cause them to describe him as the worst human being on Earth. Sure some of us men do it and other races do it, but there is a reason they hold the title.

    I also find this a part of women as bully’s. Men are know for physical strength and using money or muscle to control things, but women use money if they can, they use tears they vilify, they lie and spread rumors or anything else they need to do to get their way. Of course, we men allow it so maybe that’s on us in part.

  7. the Timekeeper on said:

    Daer Ms. B.

    Your response is exactly what some men are talking aboutwen they discuss angry black women. I am sure youmean well, but you are actually proving the opposite point. You say that oher races of en protect their women and black men do not. Have you ever visited countires outsidete U.S. Women are second class citizens in many of them. the current War on Women is being done by white men in the GOP and right wing political parties. In fact, once the days of Leave It to Beaver were gone whit women started burning bras and starting the feminist movmentbecuase of their mistreatment.
    You hve fallen for the okydoke. Black men support their women wholeheartedly. wat they dont like is the idea that whenever their is a problem in our relationships it is always our falut. there are two sides to everything. You sad you wold bet some of us must be married to ehite women. Well, you would lose your $$money becuase I havebeen amrried for a long time to a super,duper black woman who runs her own business and ha her own miind She, and any others knowexactly where I am coming from. Please dont misunderstand me.Like I sad I think you meant well. our anger though is misplaced. If your kneejerk reaction is to come back at me with more vitrio and hate, then so be it.However,I hpe you ( and others whofeel thesame) would pause for a momant. You say black women are angry becuase, weell ok at least you admit the anger. The BIG questin is what to do with the anger.Just keep on doing it? I hope ot.I submit their are better ways to channel that energy. You did say that both men and women are opressd by the white man. On this I totally agree with you 100% hat would be a very good starting point for both sides rather than be ptted agains each other. Which frankly I thin all o these radio shows try to do to often.
    Have a blseeded day

  8. I think negroid women in this part of the world called the USA lack culture and they are compel to adapt to a lifestyle that doesn’t mesh with their soul. when women do embrace culture they conduct themselves differently and sadly, your media doesn’t cover these type of women. only women from RHOA, R&B DIVAS ATL, SINGLE LADIES, LOVE&HIP HOP ATL and the list goes on..

  9. Miss B on said:

    I don’t know who you ‘unified’ brothers are but I’m willing to bet $ you’re not with a black woman. Why is it that every race of men (in the U.S.) protect their women except the black man? Instead of you listening and being supportive, you are the first to demonize us. Since we’re both oppressed by the white man, you should be sympathetic and be the FIRST to defend us. Black women are angry because we get it from everybody and mostly because we’ve been abandoned by our black men. Where’s the unity in that?

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  11. the Timekeeper on said:

    By the reading of these initial posts, it is apparent that Male Bashing is alive and well. Jacgue Reed and her guest were talking out of both sides of their mouth. On one hand, they say they are not angry, and then on the other hand they say they show their anger in their own words “They Do It With Flair” This conversation was supposed to be about women bu the two of them immediately made it Men’s faults. I wih just once, instead of excuisng anger, people would simply own up to it.
    There was a time when blak men and women were n one accord, bt white political and social strategists have successfully pited black men and women against each other. When Obama stood up on the podium and said women only make 77 cents for a dollar that every man makes, ths is mainly specific to white men. But no one says that. So brothers are walking around with a deer i the headlights look o teir face becuase we are nt part of tis so called “war on women” we are just the ones geting shelled with the bullets. This battle of the sexes is straight from the Pit of Hell.
    Siin Is No A Gender Specific Disease,

    • I agree with you Brother people love certain types of rhetoric but cannot deal with facts the reality is there is one system of oppression and the Black man is not leading it.

  12. Black women have allowed themselves to be put into an undesirable situation. The entire world is oppressed under white supremacy and instead of dealing with that harsh reality many sisters want to pretend it doesn’t exist. If Black women reunite with Black men and fight for the upward mobility of the entire group they will find peace of mind over night, but as long as they choose to live under the banner of being a woman first their situation will only get worse. They are not alone in their oppression they just have to recognize that unity is a must.

    • The Black race in America enjoyed its greatest success when we operated as a unified group (Black Power Movement, Civil Rights movement) this fact cannot be disputed. During reconstruction we had black, mayors, senators and congressmen, Black cities, banks, schools etc. During the Black power/ civil rights era we owned and operated our own communities and we were better off. The feminist movement headed by Gloria Steinem created this atmosphere of hostility between Black men and women to breakdown the real movements that made progress for us. Gloria Steinem was also trained by the CIA and produced the first Black man hating book “Black Macho and the myth of the superwoman”. Unity is the only way out of this mess the community is in. BTW most of the Bravest freedom fighters in our history are Black men Elijah Muammad MLK Booker T Washington so I don’t understand why you try to portray Black men as cowards when they fought and died for you?

      • What the hell does yesteryear strides that have to with the modern-day problems??!! I stand by my assertion of black males OF TODAY being cowards for reasons noted in my last post, and your cavalier, dismissive attitude towards me and other black women repeatedly and diverting my points confirms that we have no basis for the “comin’ togetha at da table” tripe. I am, nor should any black woman, should be forced to choose to either be black or a woman, to either play background to you or otherwise be derided. As I said earlier, GTFOOH with the shit. It stinks. Later.

      • The Nation of Islam stopped drug dealing in many housing projects not yesterday but in current times, they also went into the communities last summer and spoke with the residents personally accompanied by the Leader the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan this is fact. The Nation of Islam has Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint to unify black dollars to build wealth right now for our communities. The peace keepers organization made up of Black men patrol inner cities today as well as the Detroit 300. Im not dismissive of you I just don’t agree with you Unity is the only way out and the fact that you are opposed to unity says a lot about your state of mind.

      • the Timekeeper on said:

        You are correct, Aaron. In fact, if Black Women needed the NOW organization and Gloria Steinem to stand with them on any issues that affect women of color, you woud get all kinds of excuses.

  13. I listened to this segment and, as apparent the clowning that came forward from all of the guys on air, it’s evident that black women truly have no support. As Asha Taylor noted—all of the “consequences” of “being angry all the time” aside—black women have and continue to be emotionally manipulated into not being allowed to express our full complement of being women and being human without ridicule and consternation. Tom, J and that stupid ass comedian’s clowning of Jacque Reid and the guest caller are evidence of that, and the pain of black women as fodder for black male comedic material needs to stop.

    The pain far too many of us feel—individually and collectively—concerning many things in our lives makes our anger justified. However, and as always, instead of us having allies in our lives to actually lend aid and relief to situations that bring us to anger, we are maligned for the cause. We are made to continue to suffer for the comfort of others; make ourselves to be the strong, emotionless beings with no expectation of recognizing AND ACTUALLY HELPING US to relieve what ails us.

    Get some real information on what is really happening when faced this this type of behavior and learn what to do, ladies.

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