WASHINGTON (AP) — The mayor of the District of Columbia says he’s outraged that city firefighters didn’t come to the aid of a man who collapsed across the street from a fire station.

Relatives of Medric Cecil Mills say he went into cardiac arrest on Saturday afternoon in a shopping center parking lot and later died. They say several people went across the street to the station, but no firefighters or emergency medical workers walked over to help.

Mayor Vincent Gray said Wednesday that he has spoken to the daughter of Mills, who was a longtime city employee.

Gray calls the incident “an outrage.” He says officials are investigating and will hold people accountable. He says those involved failed to show “common decency.”

The firefighters’ union did not respond to a request for comment.

8 thoughts on “DC Firefighters Allegedly Ignored Man Dying Near Station

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  2. Why these firefighters didn’t help this man is none imagineable, they are suppose to save lives, they were asked for help yet they refused to help & this man died, they all should be prosecuted & help responsible for this man’s death, or they so heartless they didn’t care or what? They have time to get their lies together but their lies will be exposed, & them to, just how heartless can you be these firefighters will think of lies to get themselves out of this, & I want to know why you didn’t do your job & duty to save a life,

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