Cheating, it’s probably at the top of the list of why relationships fall apart. The reasons behind it can be some of many: contempt, revenge, dissatisfaction, , etc. Sometimes cheating can be the necessary evil for a relationship thats falling apart to get the reality check it needs to come back together. While in other cases, it is the one thing that the relationship couldn’t withstand.

An interesting poll and commentary was done on that discussed men and women’s view on emotional vs. physical cheating. The conclusions were compelling and yet, different. It in fact plays on the idea that men and women think and feel differently.

For him, physical cheating is a game changer. Men relate to the physical more than most women do, and there for have a possessive and protective nature. Apparently, a man who realizes his partner has developed a physical relationship with someone else, simply put, feels emasculated. They feel a painful rejection. Even though no one wants to share their significant other physically, a man prides himself on the sacredness of what he shares with his woman’s body.

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One thought on “Which Is Worse: Emotional or Physical Cheating?

  1. All cheating is hurtful. But I’ll have to say that emotional cheating is worse. Physical can be completely superficial and easy to walk away from, while emotional cheating is deeper. When you’ve involved feelings, and secrets and day to day activity with someone else, it, at that point, has become a relationship. Knowing that your significant other has cut you off and out of their feelings to confide in another, is a battle that will be hard to fight, much less win.

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