A lot of hearts broke when it was announced Michael Ealy secretly got married. As if the thirst wasn’t already real, he talks about how women treat him since getting married. Listen to this exclusive interview on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” to hear if women want him more or less! 

Michael also discussed his new movie “About Last Night” alongside his cast member Regina Hall and producer Will Packer. Listen to them all talk about why this is another must see film!

Get more celebrity interviews live on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” weekdays from 6-10 am EST and click here to check out past interviews from the show! 


One thought on “Michael Ealy On How Women Treat Him Since Getting Married [EXCLUSIVE]

  1. Miss Davies on said:

    I don’t believe Michael Ealy isn’t treated differently since getting married. There are more stories about how black women are mad at him and how he had a shotgun wedding on twitter, facebook and blogs on tons of sites. I think his wife is average also but has a beautiful smile but I don’t think it all has to do with her looks or race or the fact most fans thought he was going to marry a dime but the fact that his so called private about his life which is good but a lot women are describing him as a liar and mislead of his so called “type” to gain fans and viewers for his projects. His new announcement about his son does make it all sound true. He must not read online articles or care about what other think of him or his life. I hope his personal choices don’t destroy his career It just takes a few angry fans to ruin your career.

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