A West Virginia man shot and killed his neighbors when he saw them inspecting what he mistakenly thought was his own land.  Rodney Bruce Black, 62, of Barboursville, West Virginia was charged Saturday with two counts of first degree murder.  The two men who were shot, Garrick Hopkins, 60, and Carl Hopkins Jr., 61, were brothers. Garrick Hopkins decided on that Saturday he wanted to show his brother where he planned to build a new home for his family.  Both men were married with children.

Black told police that he thought his alleged victims were breaking into a building, indicating that the men were shaking the door on his tool shed in his backyard.  That was when Black immediately grabbed his rifle, loaded it, and shot both men from his home window.

Police say that the two men were firmly on their own property trying to get into their tool shed. They found none of Black’s belongings inside of the shed.  Police are still investigating the incident.

“It’s just a terrible, terrible tragedy,” said Cabell County Sheriff Tom McComas.  “We’re still trying to figure all of this out. Hopefully we’ll find out his reasoning as the investigation continues.” McComas also said that there was no indication that race played a factor in the shooting of the two men.

Police also found multiple guns with a large stockpile of ammunition. Black was not found under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. “Hopefully we’ll find out his reasoning as the investigation continues,”  McComas said.

Black is currently being held without bond at West Regional Jail.  His preliminary hearing will be held on February 4th.

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25 thoughts on “Man Shoots, Kills Two Black Neighbors for Inspecting Their Own Property

  1. Jermaine on said:

    In this day in time if you want to kill a Black person just do it, make up a reason and the SYSTEM of White/Supremacy Racism will get you off.

  2. What amazes me about this shooting is the shed was on land this man thought was his property yet none of his things were in the shed? How would he think the shed was his yet not using it? Sounds like he’s trying to establish an alibi, very weak one at that.

  3. felicia ogbulu on said:

    whatever happened to calling the police? Wow. I think people who have all of these guns and bullets in their homes just sit and wait their whole lives dreaming of using them.

  4. marteda on said:

    Of course race played a part in this situation. He saw two black men and he shot them because of there color.This country has allowed this to happen to men of color. It is trully sad!

  5. Rodney white knew the guy who did it. White claims that black isn’t white. So if black isn’t white then are any of you even going to get mad. White is white obviously but black being white is actually a misconception due to the title.

    • Wildflower on said:

      Do your own research and stop believing in anything to help justify racism. The man is as white as any other maggot cowarding behind a gun killing black men.

  6. Jacquelynn4 on said:

    You can’t convince me that race played no part in this despicable crime. Young bigots become old bigots — they don’t change with time.

  7. pamela jones on said:

    They was on their land not his ! He said black neighbors oh no so he shot like most resposible white gun owners ! These sub humans are so pathetic They have to have a gun if it was two white men he would have walked over and said hi .

  8. whites are and has always been FEARFUL OF BLACK MEN especially, the don’t like that white women dated blk men or that we are DOCTORS, NEIGHBORS, SUPERVISORS, TALENTED AND CLEARLY TAKE OVER IN SPORTS. Whites are killings us again one by one, from slaverly to the 2014. Yes blk do kill each other because of the street hustle.

  9. Jiggy5 on said:

    The man is 62 y/o, we don’t know if he has any mental or physical impairments. Let’ wait for some real fact before we condemn him a racist because of Obama being elected.

    Damm Peeps, think for yourselves.

    • I said it. on said:

      By the age of 62, they would have known that he had a problem by now. His only problem is that this isn’t 1962 and he’s going to jail.

  10. This has been happening more and more since the president was elected twice. I have a sneaky impression that some people are so mad about that they will go after any black person they see.

  11. I said it. on said:

    Evidently this is the weak excuse he gave. If the jury has an iota of sense he’ll be found guilty on two counts of murder. The victims need to sue him civilly for his property and sell it. I doubt if he has much more, but if so they need that too. These Jiggy Bigots are something else.

  12. James R. on said:

    For any gun owner, wouldn’t you call 911 first, even if it is a perceive thought of a breaking and entering, its not the gun owners responsibility to protect others property. Since the shed actually belong to the victim. Even if a person is that messed up in the head, I question whether he should be a gun owner in the first place.

  13. I am just wondering every time a white man shoots any black person it’s always an excuse of them thinking they are breaking into something, excuses no more, if this had been a black man that shot 2 white men thinking the same thing can the black man get out on bond, NO” not at all, so there are double standards as we know, just has to stop. When will all this stop? This man killed 2 brothers for nothing, oh well we know where this is going according to the law-stand your ground seems like it’s all White men are using for an excuse for themselves let a Black man try & use stand your ground & see what he gets.

  14. the Timekeeper on said:

    If there is anyone out there who thinks this was a mistake, You Are Dillusional. He ( like so many others) was simply determined to kill somebody and is uisng the weakest, no account excuse in order to do it
    Sadly, a few will buy it..

  15. what was supposed to be a “happy” event turned into a tragedy for these two brothers i am so sick of people grabbing a gun and acting on their own without cause. if the brothers were breaking into “his” home, understandable to grab a gun….however, how do you get to be 62 and don’t know your own property! so sad for these two brothers family members.

  16. something missing here how do you not know your own property? it’s like me shooting my next door
    neighbor for unlocking his own car in his drive way

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