Madonna isn’t the only person in hot water for throwing the n-word around all willy-nilly. The pop star won our award for the first major epic fail of 2014 when she used the racial slur to describe her 13-year-old son Instagram. Now, this not-so-cool trend has carried over to an elementary school principal!

Claudia Alves, a principal at Pouslbo Elementary School in Washington state, was forced to take a leave of absence after she used the n-word to a group of fifth graders. According to reports, a few of her students were uncomfortable with saying the word “negro” while rehearsing for a Martin Luther King play. Instead of respecting their wishes, she thought it was a good idea to prove that “negro” was not the same as the N-word, and she used the actual word to make the comparison.

The issue was brought to the school board after students complained to their parents. Superintendent Patty Page said it was not acceptable under district policy for Alves to used the term and she was placed on leave. Page noted that the absence has yet to be considered a disciplinary action, as the board is still investigating the case.

Weigh in with your thoughts below. Does Alves deserved to be fired? If not, what should the school board do?

6 thoughts on “Elementary School Principal Forced To Take Leave of Absence For Using N-Word To Students

  1. Camella Jenkins on said:

    Kudos to Kid Power! What ever her ethnic background is, what if the shoe were on the other foot/how would she feel if she were called a stereo type name? As an alleged educator, she should known better but, there is such thing as an “Educated Fool”.

  2. Also that fact the children, need to learn more African American history in schools. They should of known the differents in the words. As fifth grader i would think they should of been well inform of the term used back then or their parents would have explain it to them. It just proof that we need to learn our history. I don’t like how the Prinicipal explain it and maybe letters should of went to the parents on explaining the word Negro vs N-word to the children. We need to stop and remember everything isn’t racism, it just non- inform soul that needs educated of the facts of life. And how to presents the facts before spilling the facts.

  3. i believe that she could of use a different comparison but explain that it is a spanish word for black. But I don’t think she should be fired.

  4. She should be fired without pay and lose all the benefits that come with it. She is a principal so I’m thinking she should have known better.

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