According to Amina Buddafly is with child and it is the first baby for Amina with her husband Peter Gunz. Man if this rumor is true…then boy oh boy… messy just became messier!

While we congratulate Amina on the news of her child if this is true…. it would also be beyond messy if the baby belongs to Peter Gunz as sources swear up and down that Gunz is still stepping out on Amina.

It isn’t clear if Peter is being accused of still hooking up with Tara or someone else.

To be honest….we sort of don’t believe that Gunz would be doing the deed with anyone else except for Tara and it seems as though those ties have possibly been severed for real this time based on interviews that Tara has been giving. (But…we could always be wrong!)

After the year that Gunz just had being caught between those two women, it just seems too far fetched to think that he would introduce another broad into the mix..especially if Amina is now another mother to add to the group of women who have kids with him. He just seems like the type of guy who would enjoy being sentimental and sweet to a woman who was pregnant with his child….but again we could always be wrong.

One thing about all of this is for sure…if Amina really is pregnant…Love & Hip Hop Producers have got to be popping bottles and clinking glasses right about now as this is sure to be another season of ratchetivity TV ratings gold.


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One thought on “Is Love & Hip Hop’s Amina Buddafly Pregnant?

  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if he came up with another women that’s in his nature I wonder what his mother think probably that she must of got the wrong baby out of the hospital boy boy what a dog womanizing mess is he, I cannot understand nice looking woman wasting their time like that but that’s how it is they like men who aren’t worth a dime its really sad maybe his father needs to have one of those talks with him I hope he’s not just like his son peter needs some real serious help professionally that is so do the women in his life they don’t think highly of themselves or they would run for the hills like their costar tahiry did with Joe burden tahiry is one smart cookie woman take a hint.

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