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On again off again couple, Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown seem to be happy at the moment. According to Gary With Da Tea, Karrueche even started speaking out about their relationship, but listen to Gary’s Tea in the audio player to hear why she should stop talking about Chris Brown while she’s ahead!

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5 thoughts on “Why Karrueche Tran Should Stop Talking About Chris Brown

  1. Rihanna looks so good In this picture those are some pretty sweet boots I love them this is what I love about Rihanna Asap rocky new exactly what he was singing about when he said that this girl is a fashion killer for sure it just comes for her so easily with out any effort

  2. Lol the reason given for why ig-moodle needs to stop talking about CB is shallow. Donkey needs to stop talking about CB because she decreases his networth amongst his own polarised fanbase. It is messy and she generates mess. She needs to recede into the background. His star needs to re-shine before it really is too late to make any worthwhile comeback. That’s more important than a manipulative comeup release about “my first tongue pic” (which still fits under ‘gross and cringe”). CB, pls keep your privates private, then your fans won’t be so caught up in bs trivia, then perhaps your music and music-ability will not be upstaged.

    • Love Chile on said:

      Lord…the hate is real huh? It’s 2014. How about you leave all of the negativity surrounding this couple behind in 2013. E.L.M.O (enough lets move on).

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