Antonia “Toya” Wright is sick and tired of being called Lil Wayne’s baby mama.

During a recent interview with Atlanta’s Streetz 94.5, the reality star and mother of 15-year-old Reginae Carter said she’s not like the rapper’s other baby mamas; she was actually his wife.

“It does [bother me] to a certain level, but I totally get it,” she said. “That’s how I was introduced to the media, but it’s also a form of disrespect. For one, I was married to him. If you gonna say anything about Lil’ Wayne, don’t say baby mama because he has like what, like four of those? Say ‘ex-wife.’ Don’t address me as his ‘baby mama’ because I wasn’t that.”

Toya, who tied the knot to producer Memphitz in 2011, said the baby mama title is disrespectful to her new marriage.

“I’m someone else’s wife now. But that’s how you pump the story up. I guess it looks better because Lil’ Wayne went to jail, so now his baby mama went to jail,” she said, explaining her recent run-in with the law for unpaid parking tickets.

“So I guess that’s what makes more sense,” she added. “But sometimes yes, that annoys the hell out of me.”

Toya and Wayne were married from 2004 to 2006.

One thought on “Toya Wright: Don’t Call Me Lil’ Wayne’s Baby Mama, ‘I Was Married To Him!’

  1. Toya is so wright 2 want 2 b called an ex wife & not a baby mama! There’s a Mexican dj in Chicago who always calls her a babymama & not ex wife cuz she’s jealous she’s never had a husband b4 & Toya has!

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