Nia Long is the mother to two beautiful young boys, the longtime girlfriend of NBA assistant coach Ime Udoka and the star of current box office hit “The Best Man Holiday.”

Hello Beautiful caught up with Nia Long at the press junket for the highly-anticipated sequel, and she shared the key to juggling her ever-demanding life. To our surprise, she admitted there’s no secret at all! “I’m so not balanced,” she gushed, laughing.

“I just do what is necessary in the moment,” the 43-year-old beauty said. “If it’s the kids that need attention, I take care of that…My brain is like split in half. Half is for myself and half is for the kids.”

“And I think that is a mother’s journey to make sure that they come first but to never lose yourself in the process,” she added. “So when I go from being mom in my Uggs and my jeans and my t-shirt, and I have to come walk in these heels, I’m like, ‘Can somebody carry me because I forgot how to walk in heels?’ And I think every mom feels that way.”

“I’m amazed at that,” co-star Taye Diggs chimed in. “I’m amazed.”

“It is two totally different selves that have to operate in that world,” Nia continued. “For me coming and out doing this film I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I get to play with my friends! I don’t have to be at home with the kids all day.’ It was like a little mini vacation even though it was work.”

Well, judging from the box office numbers, Nia and the rest of her cast mates’ hard work definitely paid off. “The Best Man Holiday” landed at number two opening weekend and earn more than $54 million in the first two weeks of its release.

Cheers to having it all! 

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