“Let’s just say its not a stereotype that black women are less submissive and harder to deal with. Being around all them black women made me really miss my wife.”-Taye Diggs

Sista’s, now before you go getting your panties in a knot, this so-called quote was falsely attributed to “The Best Man Holiday” actor Taye Diggs.

Maybe someone in the rumor mill  just learned Diggs is married to a white woman (they’ve been married for years); and now, since he’s in a hit movie, with a bountiful black female cast, is throwing stones.

Diggs tweeted his denial of the quote:






(Photo: AP)

8 thoughts on “Taye Diggs Responds to False Reports of Black Women Diss

  1. He probably said it off the record and when it was made public he sought to correct it. His agent realizes his market is black women. They’re the ones who watch his movies. Taye Diggs isn’t a huge star internationally or with white audiences. His apology is all about money.

  2. Taye has, Auto phobia also is used in its literal text to mean, “by oneself”, an uncontrollable fear of oneself.It is sometimes associated with self-hatred, or loathing. Most black men who date white women are usually dark skinned and have similar/genetic facial features. Sooner or later they are bound to date/marry a white woman. In general black people need to believe in themselves and not believe what the media says/portrays about us, There are dysfunctional people in every race, we are not all-inclusive. Read the ” Willie Lynch Letter’s.

    • So true. ALso, Taye ADMITTED he once hated to be black.. I would not put it pass him. blacks like him try to use “political correctness” as well to hide their true feelings. SOme of them act like whites are superior to blacks with their actions YET when they get busted, these blacks want to say “I did not say it”.

    • He probably said it off the record and sought to correct it after it was made public. Because the target market for his movies are black women. Taye Diggs isn’t big with white audiences like, Will Smith, for instance.

  3. I knew instantly after reading it, that this drivel was not something Mr. Diggs would ever say. He has too much class. He and others should just ignore it and move on.

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