A major source of feedback regarding your on-the-job performance inevitably comes during a company’s yearly or quarterly review. It is expected that most, if not all, of the feedback and assessment comes from your immediate supervisor.

However, many companies utilize what is known as a “360 degree valuation,” which also takes into effect the way your peers and fellow co-workers feel about your productivity, team work and attitude while on the job along with your supervisor’s assessment. Not only are we as women in the workplace striving for high marks from our bosses, it is also imperative to maintain a great perception from our co-workers as well, which can be daunting task too.

Here are a couple of things to remember while both prepping for your review and also as being a positive contributor on the job:


1. Be Nice To Your Co-Workers

Notwithstanding any defamation of character and/or non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements, your boss receiving the opinion of your co-worker is totally legal. You should not think for one second that others discussing their perception of your attitude and also your results on the job are against the law or company policy.


2. Make Sure You Look Good At Every Angle

A “360 degree valuation” looks into everything! “In this evaluation, not only does your manager look at your knowledge, skills, abilities and attributes, but also consults your peers and direct reports.” Your supervisor may also be so inclined to seek the opinion of some of your clients as well.

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