DETROIT (AP) — A 19-year-old woman shot to death by a homeowner on a suburban Detroit porch had alcohol and marijuana in her system, according to a toxicology report released Thursday.

The report was released a day before Prosecutor Kym Worthy planned to announce whether she will seek charges against the 54-year-old Dearborn Heights homeowner who shot Renisha McBride in the face in early morning of Nov. 2.

The report provides some information about the circumstances of a shooting in which few details have been made public. But Gerald Thurswell, the McBride family’s attorney, said the toxicology report has no bearing on the case as far as he’s concerned.

The report, performed by an outside lab for the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office, said McBride’s blood-alcohol content was about 0.22 — more than twice the legal limit for driving. Her blood also tested positive for the active ingredients in marijuana.

Police say they believe McBride was involved in a car accident several blocks north in Detroit before the shooting, and Thurswell says she likely went to the home seeking help.

Thurswell said the homeowner called 911 after he shot McBride and police were there within two minutes.

“If he had called 911 when he heard her outside his house, they would have been there within two minutes and she would be alive today,” Thurswell said. “Maybe she would have been arrested for being intoxicated, but she would not be dead.”

Thurswell said he plans to hold a news conference Friday afternoon after Worthy’s announcement.

An autopsy released this week ruled she died of a gunshot wound to her face.

Under a 2006 Michigan self-defense law, a homeowner has the right to use force during a break-in. Otherwise, a person must show that his or her life was in danger.

The shooting has prompted calls for a thorough investigation from civil rights groups that say race was a factor. McBride was an African-American. The man’s race has not been revealed by authorities involved in the case.

The northeast section of Dearborn Heights is next to Detroit’s far west side and is a diverse area that’s home to white, black and Arab-American residents. The neighborhood where the shooting took place consists mostly of well-kept bungalows and small ranches, and is near a community college branch campus and a mosque.

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15 thoughts on “Porch-Shooting Victim Had Alcohol, Pot in System

  1. Be careful about jumpin the racism bandwagon. Lets look at the crimes Mcbride committed in just the 3 hours we know about. Underage drinking, operating a motor vehicle at 3 times the legal BAC level…3 times. Leaving the scene of an accident, possession and use of a controlled narcotic, trespassing… it really a stretch to add attempted break and entering to that?

    How can you honestly say that it doesn’t matter what is in her system? Yeah, drunk and high people always do rational, thoughtful civic acts. Come on Peeps. Damm

  2. Cool Thug on said:

    I agree 100% with William Blow. All because a person has been drinking and/or blowing weed, that does not give you the right to shoot them! Michigan is a “stand your ground” state. There is no evidence that McBride had or was going to harm anybody.

    • She was driving a motor vehicle at 3 times the legal limit of alcohol. How much more evidence do you need that she was going to do harm to someone?

  3. @william blow I agree with you, it does matter what she had in her system, he still did not need to shoot her in the face, she was not trying to hurt him,, and I believe if he had just called the police or even made a report of some kind, she would have not been dead, so how does a 19 year old who is intoxicated try to hurt someone who is already Loaded up his GUN,, are you serious, this is not a SELF-defense case and this has nothing to do with STAND YOUR GROUD LAWS,, he murdered that young woman because who knew he could… every body wants to have a gun,, instead of being a man about and going out there to try to Talk to her, and help her get sober. he had shoot her….. he should be charged, because he knew he was not in any danger. this is total bull-crap, they are always putting crap on the Victim,, GOD BLESS her family and friends and I will be praying for her justice.. something needs to be done. black people are the only one’s dying on these streets,, This is just a dam shame, about this STAND YOUR GROUND LAW,,there should be no such thing…I have always love kim worthy,,I’m from detroit and I watched her when she was a prosecutor,,so I hope something is done about this. THis is a horrible crime and it needs to be addressed.

  4. When the victim is Black in America it is always somehow their fault. Black people better wake up, nothing has changed in this country. Let the enemy keep his alcohol and his drugs and let us do for self. Its time that we have serious conversation in our communities about the double standards and what life is really like. We cannot afford to continue to in this fantasy state of mind where we can live out the images on tv.

    • you’re an IDIOT….it doesn’t make a difference what she had in her system…it doesn’t give anyone the right to blow someones head off for knocking or ringing a door bell…JACKASS!!!!!!

      • miken this is for you too. If I walk down a city street at night with hands full of money which I have every right to do . and the next day I’m found dead with my skull crushed and no money. the person who did it is guilty of murder and robbery. HOWEVER!! a certain degree of “common sense don’t put yourself in potentially bad situations” logic should come into play on my part.( Perhaps WB it’s an idiot or jackass that could not conceive that before writing a response )

      • William, come on bro-bro, you can’t seriously be defending that statement, can you?
        We all know that people that are drunk at 3 times the normal level and high on weed make rational, thoughtful, civic minded gestures.

        Come correct man.

      • get off the racist crap. she had committed several violations of the law already. Everything said about what actually happened on the porch is speculation. She may have been screaming, threatening or anything else that intimidated the homeowner. No one knows. Had it been a white on a black persons porch they’d probably have been shot just for being there. More blacks kill blacks for no reason at all other than being at the wrong place at the wrong time than any other scenario.

    • miken atl on said:

      So it is her fault for ringing a door bell and getting shot in the face. I assume the home owner did a test to see what she had in her system and then shot her anyway. All this done behind a door. Don’t just love white folks logic.

      • Is you a Fool? Nicca was operating a motor vehicle at THREE times the legal limit for alcohol. That alone makes it crystal clear that she had no regard for her life or anyone else’s. You people need to stop with this contrived racism befor I pop someone in da mouth.

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