At the tender age of 15, TIME is recognizing Malia Obama for her poise and maturity.

The President’s eldest daughter was recently named one of the magazine’s most influential teens of 2013.

“At high-profile events, like her father’s second Inaugural Address, Malia and her sister, Sasha, act with the poise of adults. Thanks in part to Michelle Obama, they seem to lead as normal lives as they can while still meeting the demands of being in the limelight,” the publication wrote. “President Obama often mentions his daughters in speeches, and says that they influenced his stance on gay marriage.”

Other teenage stars who made the list include Kardashian little sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Bill de Blasio’s fashionisto son Dante, Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai and international pop star Justin Bieber.

Check out the full list here and tell us your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Malia Obama Named One Of The Most Influential Teens Of 2013

  1. Cool Thug on said:

    Both of the Obama young ladies are on the right track. The chances are very, very good they won’t turn out to be something like Brittny Spears or ( God and all his holy angels save us) Miley Cyrus.

  2. How did Bieber get on the list…he has become atrocious…Yes, the girls are wonderful…I wish more young girls would aspire to be like them versus some of these other teens…poised and beautiful instead of fast and fresh wanting to be sexy…ugh…

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