A gospel singer you may not be familiar with finds himself making news for all the wrong reasons.

A video of Kevin Terry of the gospel group “Kevin Terry and Predestined” performing oral sex on another man, is blowing up on the Internet.

Here’s Kevin Terry response via his Facebook page from earlier this week:

“There’s nothing wrong with making a mistake, what’s wrong is not taking the effort to make it right. Soooo get up and Make it RIGHT!!!!!!”

Not a good look Mr. Terry. Even at that, some gospel fans just didn’t want to believe it was him. That is until a friend of his, singer Lil Mo went on Twitter and confirmed it was him.

“It’s sad when u piss someone off the leak sex tapes and nudes. Even more sad when it’s a gospel artist that is my friend … No shade lowkey he diiiiiiid that. #nohands but the videographer dry snitched. Show ya face. Level the playing field. Hello,” she wrote.

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19 thoughts on “Gospel Singer Kevin Terry’s Sex Tape with Another Man Leaks Online

  1. Lord help this young man seek deliverance that is the only way to get and stay free!! Until we have walked a mile in someones shoes we can’t really judge sexual sin is no easy thing to walk away from although he must make a choice to get and stay free.

  2. I’m glad God is exposing these Christians with a life of contradiction. Enemies to the Cross that have infiltrated the Body of Christ and are causing soooo much shame- which is their goal…. (Phillipians 3:18-19) I don’t understand how Mr Terry can say his personal life is no ones business, Sweety when you decided to become a GOSPEL singer and represent the name of Jesus- You gave permission for an expectation of your life to line up with the Word of God….You can’t have both ways (no pun intended)

    • We all make mistakes, clearly that by the looks of it-this a lifestyle that he was obviously (to his dude) proud of. Its when you pretend to be 1 thing while doing another that’s the problem, that stunts the growth of so many babes in Christ…. The Word of God is infallible- Proverbs 30:5, We are not. God forgives us when we ask & turn away, but just because we have an annointing or calling on our lives doesn’t mean we operate in it sincerely, some “Act” in it. Romans 11:29 I’m saying what’s so hard about being true to God. Smh… Its harder to ACT like a Christian than it is to just BE one. But, I trust God to continue to expose.

  3. monica ray on said:


  4. Sorry all those Gospel singers are gay; they talk that talk abour rappers and make money off of lies. What they are doing is not Godly, it’s them being selfish just come out b/c you know they are having sex with women also. RAWWWWWWWWWW

  5. WOW!! He is higher profile, so his name will get dragged through the mud. Rule #1, it doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight DON’T record your participation in sex acts. ESPECIALLY if you want to become famous as a singer, actor, politician, Miss America etc. AND REALLY if you want to be a gospel singer. Not sure if he knew it was being recorded or not, but that was a big mistake. The fact that he is gay AND a gospel singer complicates this. Christians in general have issues, bad habits and do things that God isn’t pleased with. This guy happens to be kinda famous, so his “sin” is put on display for the world to see. God does expose. What is done in the dark eventually comes to the light. No matter who we are.

  6. yaegerj on said:

    Or he could say, I was so drunk I did not no what I was doing. Or here is a better one. I was kidnapped at gun point, and forced to perform oral sex on another man.

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