Singer Tamar Braxton just knew she was going to have the hottest video on the internet when she dropped the visuals for the fan favorite “Hot Sugar.”  However, the youngest Braxton was totally wrong. Fans hated the video and weren’t shy about voicing their opinion to Tamar on Twitter.

One fan asked, “Is it too late to recall your ‘Hot Sugar’ video?” Tamar responded by asking why she would ever do that, but then went off on the photographers of the video in the comment section of Rihanna‘s Instagram. Tamar basically told the photographers that they did her dirty with the way they conducted themselves when it came to shooting the “Hot Sugar” video. According to Tamar Braxton, the photographers didn’t get any shots that were planned in the treatment of the video and once they shot some scenes, they disappeared.

The reason all of this happened in Rihanna’s Instagram comment section is because the photographers Tamar used are now working with the Bajan bad gyal. Plus Rihanna is said to be one of Tamar’s favorite artists. We wonder how Rihanna will react to the photographers after hearing Tamar’s horror story.

A screen shot of a Tamar Braxton Tweet

Tamar Dissing Photographers On IG

6 thoughts on “Tamar Braxton Is Pissed Over Backlash From ‘Hot Sugar’ Video

  1. Camella Jenkins on said:

    She wants to be Moriah Carey/another drama queen who thinks she’s the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world!!!!

  2. Camella Jenkins on said:

    She looks like a CLOWN, too much botox and plastic surgery. Clearly as a kid she was a spoiled brat, now she’s a spoiled grown woman/need a lot of attention/a drama queen

  3. I viewed it when it was online and it was a joke. She tried way too hard to be sexy. She came off looking silly. Not to mention the song is a dud.

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