NFL superstar Adrian Peterson is giving Antonio Cromartie a run for the title of NFL player with the most kids.

According to TMZ, one of Peterson’s ex-girlfriends says he has at least seven kids out-of-wedlock.

The public knew of Peterson’s three children, Tyrese, his 2-year-old son who just died last week, another 2-year-old son, and a 5-year-old daughter.

Since then a Minnesota woman has claimed she has a 3-month-old daughter with him and another woman has come forward claiming that she has a 4-year-old son with the NFL MVP. He also has a son with his former girlfriend Erica Syion.

Syion, a former Dallas gentlemen’s club dancer, told TMZ, “to my knowledge he takes care of them all… but I only found out about the other two this week.” She also says he pays child support and gets their son during the summer but she does point out that he could spend more time with his multiple kids.

Does your opinion change of Adrian Peterson now that you know he possibly has multiple kids out of wedlock? Should it matter?

9 thoughts on “REPORT: Adrian Peterson Could Have 7 Kids

  1. Ruth O'hara on said:

    I’m so sick of emotionally dead-beat parents (men AND women) and their supporters saying, ‘I take care of my kids’ as if buying a few pampers, or a check in ANY amount each month will replace what it REALLY means to ‘take care of’ a child. It means that you are there with a smile to get them up in the morning and tuck them in at night. Help with homework, eat dinner together, play outside, go for drives/picnics on the regular. Take them to Dr appts, clean and bandage and kiss that skinned knee. It mean QUANITY AND quality time to teach them how to tie shoes, the alphabet, life lessons, answer all those childhood curiousity questions like ‘why is grass green and the sky blue’ (thank goodness we have the internet now when they ask those questions). Share your spiritual beliefs but expose them to other beliefs to and esp. Bible education, even if you’re not Christian because of universal wisdom found therein like the Golden Rule, etc. This means being MARRIED to the people you have children with and LIVING with your children if at all possible. If not, don’t make them!

  2. I CARE…….It should haunt Adrian Peterson and the other black men the rest of their lives that he was not there for his 2 year old son.

    The black man make these babies then run off to make more and brag about how many they have and never consider what the woman must endure as she is left to fend for her and the child left behind at the mercy of brutal men like the one that murdered his son.

    ..These brothers must decide are we men or mice? There is a reason why in any conquest they kill the men first they kill the men first because..You are the man.

    Once the man is taken out of the equation your competition, adversary or nemesis can have their way with the woman and child but instead of some black men standing to say I accept responsibility, “I should have been there” they say “That ain’t on me because…, She should watch who is around her kids, We wasn’t together or I can’t tell her who to date and….. If that sounds like you then… You are a mouse.

    Men don’t care whose fault it is when it comes to his woman or child because either way you have to get through him first and that’s why they take out the men first because they know that about men going in.

    Your woman and your child expect you to take it like a man no matter whose fault it is when it comes to accepting the responsibility. Everyone knows what they can expect from a man and that’s why entities like the Federal law enforcement use it for leverage.

    Federal law enforcement tell their target that your wife is involved but for the sake of her and your children you can take the rap and she doesn’t have to go to prison. You can do the 20 years for her. A man says: “I accept responsibility, “I should have been there” just leave my wife out of it” she had nothing to do with it.

    A mouse will throw her under the bus saying, “she did the crime let her do the time.”

    “Former Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr has agreed to a plea deal that involves him selling out his wife in a federal tax fraud probe, CBS 2 in Chicago is reporting.

    A second source added: “I think.. Sandi, feels like she was thrown under the bus by her husband.”

    Are you a man or a mouse?

  3. How the hell do you spend more time with multiple kids? There is only one of him. That’s hard to do when you live in the same house with 7 or more kids. He gets him for the summer? When does he “get” the others? This has become so commonplace that she actually says that as if it makes sense.
    God help us.

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