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This past week has most likely been one of the toughest time periods in NFL star Adrian Peterson’s life. So, we are quite certain he could have went without this insensitive article published by the New York Post.

In a story titled, “Being A Great Player Doesn’t Make Peterson A Great Guy,” columnist Phil Mushnick argued that the Minnesota Vikings running back is a bad father for playing football two days after his son’s death.

“Still, I’m stuck with what I’ve got. And it’s sickening the NFL’s latest MVP, hours after his son died — allegedly murdered — declared he was “ready to roll,” ready to play football,” Mushnick wrote. “Me? I’d be fighting for breath, my knees weak with grief, demanding to know why, who, how. Then, I suspect, I’d seethe with rage, swearing retribution. I even think I’d take off a day or two from work. Maybe a week.”

As we reported earlier, Peterson’s 2-year-old died last week from wounds inflicted by the mother’s boyfriend, identified as 27-year-old Joey Patterson. The football star, who found out he was the father of the young boy just 2-3 month ago, met him for the first time in hospital while he was on life support.

Despite the details of the story, Mushnick called this a “casual, flippant, detestable and common buzz-phrase for absentee, wham-bam fatherhood.”

“With his resources, how could Peterson, the NFL’s MVP, have allowed his son to remain in such an environment? Did he not know, or not care? Or not care to know? Or not know to care,” he continued. “Peterson couldn’t have provided his son a better life, a longer life? Money can’t buy love, but having signed a $96 million deal, he could not have provided his child — apparently his second from a “baby mama” — a safe home?”

Peterson decided to play in Sunday’s game against the Carolina, and that was okay because there is no right or wrong way to mourn the lost of a child.

Maybe Peterson’s son is just one more stands-to-reason murder victim, just another child born to just another “baby mama,” one more kid who never had a shot, anyway. Maybe, by now, even if we can’t accept it, we can expect it,” Mushnick added.

Seriously? This article goes down as one of the most offensive sports columns in the history of all sports writing!

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4 thoughts on “‘New York Post’ Writer Indirectly Calls Adrian Peterson A Bad Father

  1. I know Adrian Petterson is wrong for not being in his childs life but what about the women who have all these babies to collect a check.Lets not get away from that issue to that you cannot also excuse the behavior of some of these women going at these brothers for a mill ticket.And to black women they always generalizing black men but when a brother talks about one woman that’s acting wrong they get so defenseless and angry.So don’t fall for all the BS.

  2. This column was on-point about these high-profile men having babies in each city they land in or play. They don’t know the children or their situations and figure a check each month is the answer!! Its not, being involved and active in that child’s life is imperative. In reality Adrian Peterson is a good football player but a lousy man. he needs to stop having babies and take an active role in his children’s lives that he has. It should be a wake-up call but I’m sure it isn’t.

  3. Ty Anthony on said:

    Here is the problem in our community, we get so defensive over the wrong thing. The writer was absolutely right! As a black man raising my 2 girls and my wife’s son from a previous relationship. I have been in his life for 7 years and I have never seen his father. I raise him like he is mine. I am sick of men like these. And I am sick of apologist for men like these. Take care of your damn kids! I have lost all respect for AP…like he gives a damn

  4. Tygrre on said:

    Adrian’s just another brotha w/ baby mama’s! He just happens 2 b a rich 1! He’s sure 2 make more baby mama’s b 4 he dies! TYPICAL!

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