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Tavis Smiley has gone in on President Obama again.

If you missed it, last week he was on “Hannity” on Fox News to debate the government shutdown and out of that appearance, Smiley said that the lot of black Americans has not improved under this current presidency.

“Are black Americans better off five years into the Obama presidency?” Hannity bluntly asked.

“Let me answer your question very forthrightly: No, they are not,” Smiley said. “The data is going to indicate, sadly, that when the Obama administration is over, black people will have lost ground in every single leading economic indicator category.”

“On that regard,” he added, “The president ought to be held responsible.”

“I respect the president. I will protect the president. And I will correct the president. He’s right on this government shutdown. Republicans are thwarting the rule of law with the Constitution. If they let this debt go into default, they’re trampling again on the Constitution.”

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12 thoughts on “VIDEO: Tavis Smiley: ‘Black People Are Not Better Off Under Obama’

  1. Tavis, I don’t know why you are such a hater of the President, is it because he won’t give you the time of DAY or even LOOK YOUR WAY? Now go somewhere, sit DOWN and SHUT-UP!

    • publicenemy#2 on said:

      Tee, your an idiot. Tavis is “hating” on the president because he deserves it. Are you living in bazzaro world or something? As the highest elected official in the United States Barak Obama has just as bad a reputation as GWB. It’s not just the fact that it appears that, as a person of color, during this current tenure, Barak hasn’t done anything to righten the crucial and milicious things that the former devil had done to (now) “us” as a whole during his divide and conqer presidency. The mfer had been busy mutitasking to say the least. And now that “some” of us are in the worst shape in recent history, by what appears to be goverment action, I’ve geussed that “we” should be thankful that all we got was robbed, oppressed, and scared accord to the guidelines of the United States litigated constitution. GWB empowered criminals to hurt, embezzel [sic}, and gangster up innocent people by any means nessasary. Agreed? And as far as we can see the will be no type of CONSEQUNCES for the regular “Americans” that are still doing exactly what “we” are discussing. And because “we” do not have the means to defend ourselves, what exactly, would you suggest we do? “We” obviously cannot “govern” ourselves. Have you been paying atention to the past decade? Are you blind? Have you ever heard of a little thing called: DUE PROCESS?

      • publicenemy#2 on said:

        I cannot spell. They need spell check on this website. Do you think that now some internet Nazi should show up to my doorstep, follow me home, trick me into the HIV, steal all of my personal belongings (O.J. I feel for you bra’), and then disapper into the night driving away in a county DSS vehicle?
        Let me know what you think asap, ok, somebody?

  2. Dallas T on said:

    Albeit true, the stats does bear the facts that African-Americans have slid to the left under President Obama, but the facts are also true that so have everyone in the country simply because the House GOP members vowed to destroy this President from day #1 and the facts bear that they are doing all that they can to do so. Not a single jobs bill passed, funds eliminated from Farm Bills, Government shutdowns… the list can go on and on. It’s not just African-Americans suffering, the entire Nation is suffering all because there’s an organized group of powerful white men that simply cannot and will not accept the fact that our Nation is being led by an African-American. Smiley/West… smart men, and it’s hard for me to believe they do not see these things unraveling before their eyes, therefore in my opinion it’s their attempt to get back into the national spotlight and FOX entertainment will give anyone 15 seconds if you are going to speak ill of the President… 20 seconds if you are a person of color.

  3. publicenemy#2 on said:

    I personally like Tavis Smiley and Cornel West. You see, just because you’ve made your own, doesn’t mean that everybody will. And the statistics will show you exactly that. That a vast majority of African Americans in this country depend on the guidelines taught to us in school to navigate our lives. I believe that dispite the bad press that both of the before mentioned celeberties recieve that their hearts are with us as folk they obviously relate to and sypathise with. Unlike the recent and past leaders of the COUNTRY that we live in; but as what? I think that both of those characters are simply looking for truth in this accepted hypocracy that “we” call civilization, period. WTF is so wrong with that?
    However I also believe that they both are going about it the wrong way. Why attack the puppet character? Instead I would just search for the truth and expose what seems to be nothing at all for what it is exactly: oppression, racism, and greed. Or everything else. You cannot find truth in deception can you? What tavis needs to realize is that the folks he seems to feel for specifically lives have no meaning. It’s the psychology of capitolism. Barak Obama ran a political race against the canidate that would have helped us out the most and won. Why? I believe that he got a lot of support from outside of his own party as a result. He was the lesser of two evils. Thus this recent less hostile deboggle. What are you going to do about it?

  4. hoodtechie on said:

    Sadly tavis you are so right, and as far as statistics all you have to do is look what group of people have lost the most jobs, lowest test scores in school, highest percentage of forclosures,lowest neworth,highest number of single households, highest unemployment rate etc…. the list goes on an on. Black people are in a state of denial. I would tell tavis,dr. ben,bill cosby and other blacks trying to wake our people up to just move on. We will always be last in gains for ourselves and our children because we won’t face the truth. We are beholden to the democrats no matter how they lie to us; disrespect our votes as long as they keep the free sh@$! coming they can buy our votes. Even our college graduates have fallen into the trap of their treatment of our people. Sometimes it’s just better to move on because 97% of our people will be left behind on the plantation and allow someone else to do our thinking for us.To the democratic party we are like kids, to be seen and not heard.rev al,obama,jesse,naacp,cbc etc… will give us our marching orders and tell us how to vote.

    • This was a rant that did not include statistical evidence. We need to rely on facts and make decisions based on that. To think that there is an earthly solution for this problem causes people to continue to be upset regardless to who’s in office.

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