Ciara’s relationship with Future is common knowledge, but these two musical lovebirds somehow manage to keep the details of their union private, despite the paparazzi’s ever-increasing need to shove their lens into A-list celebrities’ faces.

But honestly, with the hauteness that Ciara’s been serving out here in these streets lately, how could the flashing lights not follow her everywhere she goes?!

We caught up with Future a few months into their love affair and he couldn’t help but brag about his lady love’s music. And by the sound of our most recent chat with Ciara, we know that these two are meant to be and Ciara’s been fantasizing about taking their love to the next level!No, not another set of matching luxury vehicles! Ciara and Future just might be rocking a different matching set soon!

We’ve joined in on the Ciara & Future Should Never Break Up Team, so we just had to ask the “Body Party” chanteuse if Future’s the one, what will happen when he proposes and what’s in the future for them. You see what we did there? Check out Ciara’s adorable admissions!

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