As we previously reported, Kanye West was no fan of the spoof that Jimmy Kimmel put together that used kids to depict his interview with British interviewer Zane. He took to his Twitter to let Jimmy and everyone know how mad he was.  Welp! Jimmy Kimmel responded to Kanye’s ranting tonight on his show. According to Entertainment Weekly, Mr. Kimmel lit Kanye up again.

Said Kimmel,

“He told me on the phone, and I swear to God this is true — ‘I am the most powerful voice in media. I am Pac.’ He said Pac a few times to me. I guess he means Tupac. He said, ‘You will never be able to show your face at a 14-year-old’s high school football game and be cool again.’ He really is Pac. I mean, that’s right out of the Tupac playbook, isn’t it?”So, I don’t know. I don’t understand it. I don’t know why he’s angry. That bit was pretty innocuous. But there is an upside.  Finally, I’m in a rap feud. I always wanted to be in a rap feud. Right now we’re at DefKanye Five. Thank you, Kanye. I appreciate it.”

As we tried to tell Yeezus last night, if he would quit doing this crazy stuff, then no one would talk about it or him! You know Ye will have something else to say so stay tuned!

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