It looks like Stevie Wonder is in direct opposition to the Marvin Gaye family.

We are of course are referring to the “Blurred Lines” controversy.

TMZ caught up with the wonder man at LAX and he says the Gaye family is getting bad advice and they can’t win in a lawsuit against Robin Thicke.

He says all the fuss about “Blurred Lines” possibly ripping off Marvin’s hit “Got to Give it Up” … is stupid. He’s speaking from his own experience; he’s had to deal with similar lawsuits himself. (Watch above)


3 thoughts on “Stevie Wonder to Gaye Family Over ‘Blurred Lines’: Leave Robin Thicke Alone

  1. For copyright infringement there needs to be 3 things: cadence, melody and lyrics. Blurred Lines have none of these. I’m 55 and love Marvin Gaye’s’ music. I agree with Stevie. I thought Gaye III is a producer.

  2. You HAVE to respect Stevie’s wisdom and knowledge on the subject. They should listen to him. I’m sure the legal fees and time spent with it would be crazy. And to not know the outcome, it probably isn’t worth it. I guess they should take what Robin offered and just walk away. I’m not sure who in the Gayle family is leading this charge, but I hope they think about it long and hard. Utilize the wisdom given to them.

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