When Tyga said he was trying to make it nasty on his hit record, we didn’t know just how nasty the YMCMB rapper planned on making things.

After three video vixens stepped forward and filed a suit against Tyga and his label Young Money a few weeks ago, a fourth one followed right along.

Allison Brown filed a suit against the rapper and his label claiming that she was approached about starring in the video for the provocative tune in late 2011. Upon arriving at the shoot, producers provided her without alcohol and failed to verify her age. Brown also claims a man in a yellow rabbit suit groped her while another man groped her breasts.

Brown also claims that she was coerced into dancing topless and reassured that her breasts would be edited- just as the other models were told as well. Brown is suing Tyga and Young Money Entertainment for sexual battery, fraud, and invasion of privacy and infliction of emotional distress.

5 thoughts on “Video Girl Sues Tyga After Being Sexually Assaulted In ‘Make It Nasty’ Video

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  2. Coerced into dancing topless? That means as an adult she let some talk her into taking her top off and dancing in front of a group of people with cameras on after she allowed them to touch all over her. Just understand that you got caught up in the idea of being around people with money and didn’t use the best judgement. Too bad they can’t sue themselves for playing themselves. It’s a life lesson. As long as there’s someone out there to be used, there will always be users.
    The guys involved need to grow up as well, and conduct themselves as men and not immature losers.

    • AND, this happend about 2 years ago and they are just NOW coming forward about it. Makes you scratch your head. Upon fruther review, this doesn’t pass the smell test!!!!!

  3. 4 women have come forward. Hmmm, where there is smoke, there is fire. Makes you wonder. I wonder if this kind of alleged thing happens more than what we know. Remember the movie Video girl. On the other side, doesn’t she have the option to just walk away if things don’t seem legit or professional (if there is a such thing in this business)? Doesn’t she have a choice to NOT remove her top and expose her breast unless she was forced somehow?

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