For the first time in history, a person of African descent is being considered for a new member of parliament in Germany.  Karamba Diaby of Senegal is a member of the Social Democrat Party in Germany. He prides himself on running his campaign similar to the way they are run in the U.S.  His platform is education, integration, minimum wage and social justice. Diaby can be seen shaking hands in the busy part of Halle, Germany.

Diaby arrived in Germany in 1986 to study chemistry. He received his citizenship in 2001. The PH.D has worked to be a voice for East Germany. Though he loves his country, he has overcome racial obstacles like many of the immigrants in Germany. He is the survivor of a racist attack.

According to, thirteen percent of Germany is made up of immigrants.

Diaby goes door-to-door hoping to build interest and support in his ideals for the election on September 22nd. He campaigns in the Halle Region, an area not known to warm up to immigrants.  He ignores the idea that he should not walk through the area at night. Diaby travels to his events by bicycle instead of luxurious cars, like his opponents. he has gotten worldwide recognition and parliament is seriously considering his position.

(Photo: AP)

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