Sherman Hemsley is finally laid to rest but a battle over who is entitled to his residuals continues.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:

“A controversy has been raging for eight years and counting between two individuals, William Little and David Pullman, who bought Hemsley’s residual income when the actor suffered financial difficulties in the latter part of his life and needed to pay debts. In 2005, the two entered into an agreement with each other whereby Pullman paid $42,500 to Little and each would have 50 percent of Hemsley’s residuals.

Soon after, Little sued Pullman, alleging first that the agreement was illegal and seeking its rescission and later that the agreement was fine but the joint venture needed dissolution. In the time since, the two men have danced in and out of court. On the sidelines is the Screen Actors Guild, which holds onto residual money instead of disbursing it when there exists a dispute over ownership.

The original agreement between Little and Pullman included an arbitration clause, and when Little first sued in 2005, Pullman attempted to bring the dispute into arbitration.”

The tabloid site also reports, the two agreed to a settlement in 2007 where Little was ordered to pay $42,500 and dismiss the lawsuit but Pullman later denied a settlement. Little filed another lawsuit in 2008 for “breach of contract.

Most recently on Monday, September 9, 2013, Little got a big court win when a California judge decided, “Because Pullman failed to restore to Little the $42,500 he had received as part of the Settlement Agreement, his rescission of that agreement was ineffective.”

Hemsley is best known for playing George Jefferson on All in the Family and The Jeffersons. He died of lung cancer at the age of 74 in July 2012.

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