If you are a fan of Mary Mary and their hit WeTV reality series, then we’re sure you saw this breakup coming. The gospel-singing duo and their relationship with manager Mitchell Solarek has officially hit the fan.

TMZ reports Solarek filed a federal lawsuit against his former clients Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell for commission checks and public humiliation. He claims the singers owe him more than $75,000 in commissions and compensation for publicly firing him on TV.

According to legal documents, Solarek signed Mary Mary to his Maximum Artist Group in 2011 to help reignite their music career — which he insists he did by booking their reality series and securing over $3 million in deals.

Solarek adds that his broken business relationship with the group has also affected future music, books and sponsorships deals for his company.

Do you think Mary Mary shortchanged their manager? You weigh in below.

18 thoughts on “Mary Mary Hit With Lawsuit By Former Manager Mitchell Solarek

  1. Zeffie Wilkerson on said:

    If he was not fulfilling his total committment to Mary Mary as a whole then they made the right decision. You have to look at what went right and what went wrong and summize what the reasonable outcome will be to expand and grow Mary Mary’s ministry in the gospel industry, all factors carry their own weight in determining a continued relationship with a manager that had mire losses than gains.

  2. justme on said:

    Yes they treated Mitch poorly. He isvthe reason they came back because before Mitch they had lost their relevance. Some things happen and you lose money because you can’t control people or events. If things were not in contracts to protect them that’s another story

  3. Get a grip on said:

    First off: Mitch was a BUSINESS MANAGER not a PERSONAL MANAGER. There is a very distinct difference between the two. Unfortunately with most “reality” shows we see only a small portion of the bigger picture. Mitch was a very abrasive person who constantly challenged the Marys, and when he didn’t get his way, stormed off like a spoiled child. Granted, Tina and Erica should have handled it in a little wiser way, but they brought up valid points. Managers are supposed to make you money NOT lose it and offend people he is dealing with when he is technically representing them. Regardless of the music genre, the industry is tough, and if your manager isn’t looking out for you, it’s not a good situation. There was fault on both sides, but he was hardly professional in most cases and I would have fired him as well, just in a different way.

  4. I like Mary Mary but they were very rude and disrespectful to Mitch. They were unprofessional with handling business. Why should your manager have to argue with your sister? Why should your manager be involved in an altercation with you sister’s boyfriend? Mitch was disrespected by their husbands and the Mary’s have way to much attitude. Hopefully Mitch will win his lawsuit because he was fired publicly and humiliated. They need to get it together. It was definitely a conversation to have in private. Hopefully he is awarded more than what he asked!

  5. Ann Smith on said:

    Mitch needed to be shown the love of Christ. Instead, he got disrespect from the ‘Marys’ and their family. One more lost viewer here!

  6. AdmireMitch on said:

    Tina your husband does not love you Erica your husband does not care about you the ONLY person who gives a dam is Mitch and you are too stupid to see it. May your careers fizzle, may all your money disappear and we shall see if Jesus will give a dam about you two. Right now you sold your soul to devil. For what you have done to another human being may you get tenfold of misery. Burn in hell

  7. Deborah G. Ryles on said:

    Mitchell put up with too much mess. Warren talked to him like a dog and so did Goo. Family members should not be in a business relationship with them and any manager. Even Goo’s so called boyfriend was allowed to disrespect Mitchell. I hope he sues the pants off them. I like their music but they are very unprofessional Mitchell revitalized their career and they were too dumb to see it.

  8. Keisha on said:

    The Word of God is Truth and Will Not Come Back Void!
    We are Light in a Dark World, The Lord has Called Us to Be Set Apart…We are In the World, Not of the World..
    Mary Mary Looks and Acts Like the World!! Their Show is a Fake and False Reality!!
    You can’t stop, edit and do over the True Reality of being a follower of Jesus Christ

  9. Carolyn on said:

    Tina and Erica have bad attitudes and is very disrespectful. They both have unloving spouses and has a spirit of greed. They should have stayed on ‘Sunday Best’. They have sold their souls to the devil for a reality show and should face reality. Mitch should have quit on them long ago. They need a lot more JESUS!

  10. I like Mary Mary but they treated Mitchell very poorly. They definitely made it seem like he was a bad manager and I can see how that would affect future business for him. He deserved better.

  11. DrKJenkins on said:

    Very disappointed in the WatchIt with Mary Mary episode tonight. I understand broken relationships, but as Christians–aren’t we suppose to model the standard and rise above the mess? The nastiness and ratchet behavior on the part of the Marys was a turn off. If Mitch shows out, let him clown by himself and respectfully decline any future service or consideration. Stay the course Marys…you are just as much to blame as Mitch if you allowed him to continue to provide less than desirable service for so long. So don’t get nasty and messy…just politely end it. Still a fan, but truly disgusted by this drop in character. Please lift it back up…

  12. I hope Mitchell gets everything ! I’m so unimpressed with how Mary Mary conducts themselves ! They call themselves Christians .. I know that sounds judgmental but ..,The good word said “we are in the world but not of the world” they act just the artist do in the world . It ruins their ministry . Erica needs to give up her soli efforts she sounds better in the group she is not a solo artist !!! I would have dumped them long time ago .. They are do unprofessional .. They are both big Divas..Mitch due the pants off of them .. Knowing them they cheated you out of money !!!

  13. I didn’t see that episode where they fired him on tv. MAybe that could be in a new season. But he DEFINITELY was disresepected. They acted like they’re career wasn’t on the brink. I mean, they’re good and can sing and all but they’re not THAT good. And that “Go Get It” song sounded like a bunch of yelling and screaming. Tina has a diva attitude that was not acceptable and they expected Mitch to put up with Goo, who……..she shouldn’t have been paid to be their stylist anyway because some of the outfits she put together, my 7yr old would’ve done a better job. I hope Mitch wins….he deserves it.

  14. They disrespected him as a person and as a manager. Tina is a real diva and I mean diva in a bad way. She has attiude to the nth power. I like about 2 songs by the group. I’m not a big fan of thier sound.

  15. I watched the Mary Mary reality show and they treated him like dirt. They acted like such diva’s. They wanted him to act like a manager and get them work and opportunities but as soon as he did they suddenly didn’t want to work or made it difficult for him. They also allowed their husbands and family members to mistreat him too and would get mad at him if he tried to stand up for himself. If I had been him I would have dropped them a long time ago. Let’s see how far they get on their own.

    • I didn’t see the episode where they publicly fired him on TV, but this just doesnt’ pass the smell test. If he was publicly humilitated on the show, that will certainly affect him getting work going forward. We have to wonder if they legally had just cause to fire him and if he was paid in full up to the firing. Can’t wait to see how this one plays out. I’m sure there is more to this than we know. Stay tuned!!

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