Trying to stuff all of my essentials in my chic, yet insanely tiny, clutch can be quite a frustrating moment. Do I take my foundation? Of course I will need my lipstick! And oh my gosh, what about my phone. After years of perfecting my clutch ingredients, I think I’ve got the solution to fit everything you need and still look fabulous at 1am. Here’s three beauty tips for your girl’s night out!

Tip #1: Skip the foundation and choose a BB cream.

It’s an 80′s dance theme on a Friday night at your favorite lounge where the music is loud, the drinks are strong, and you and your besties plan to get your workout on. Skip the heavy foundation and go for a lighter option with IMAN’s BB Crème.

Tip #2: Matte over gloss.

Between my phone, keys, and feminine hygiene products my cute little clutch quickly turns into a nightmare. And then a genius created matte lipstick. Depending on what brand fits your preference, you can save some space by applying it once before you leave and then you are set.

Tip #3: Long Lasting Mascara.

The train ride home will be a pretty harsh one without your headphones. So make room for them by opting for mascara with a formula that offers stayproof and wearability.

Because we know you beauties love a great deal so much, be sure to enter our contest for your chance to win your shade of IMAN BB Crème.

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