Asha Mandela of Atlanta can honestly say she carries a heavy load. Holding the title as the world’s longest dreadlocks, the Atlanta woman’s dreadlocks measure longer than 55 feet.

Calling her hair ‘her baby’, Mandela carries her dreadlocks in a baby sling, making carrying them easier.

But Mandela doesn’t grow her locks for vanity. She credits them with helping her overcome cancer, two strokes and two heart attacks.

Doctors warn Mandela of the health risks of having such long hair. Mandela’s locks have caused a curvature of her spine and doctors warn of bacterial infection and collapsing of her neck at the back.

Her crowning glory has also brought her fans across the world and she has even launched her own secret hair formula.

And, ladies, the next time you complain about sitting in a salon for hours, think about Mandela. It takes two days to wash and dry her hair.

19 thoughts on “HEAVY LOAD: Atlanta Woman Refuses to Cut Locks Despite Health Risks

  1. Kelciefaye on said:

    I saw her on an episode of Taboo on the National Geographic Channel. They showed that she was spending time with her son at a fair and she couldn’t get on none of the rides because of her hair in that pouch/backpack she carries it around in. Her son couldn’t do anything either because he needed an adult for some of the rides. That’s ridiculous to have hair that long and can’t do anything. And to risk her health for it too? She’s tripping. I would at least cut it mid back length and enjoy life. Life is too short to be wasting it over this…..

  2. That was really amazing we have found here a woman with 55ft long dreadlocks; there are several other human being those are holding the record of unwanted records such as long dreadlocks; nails and many more. But we can’t imagine how much it affects to our health and hazards. Here also we have found that how this woman refuses to cut her dreadlocks.

  3. skillet on said:

    Black women are truly obessed with their hair. I am glad all I have to do as a Black man is wash it, brush it and get cut every 3 weeks.

  4. It is her NATURAL hair, leave her alone. It is her choice, leave her alone. As far as Black folks being crazy about long hair, most cultures share that crazy.

  5. RENO2AC on said:

    Her hair looks beautiful, not nasty, but why risk your health to have hair 55 feet long? Now, that’s a little “strange” to me. But, if she wants to be crippled, more power to her.

  6. msstarr82 on said:

    leave her alone!!! when the curvature of her spine or the collapsing of her neck eventually MAY cause her to become paralyzed and bedridden, laying on her hair 24/7 will be a comfort to her is what she’s thinking or NOT thinking. or MAYBE a bacterial infection that doesn’t respond to antibiotics will kill her. seems like stupidity and vanity to me, but it IS her life and choice to make.

  7. I’m glad she survived her strokes and heart attacks, but that’s just to much hair. I think she should cut it. To each his/her own. I’m not going to disrespect her like other people are.

    • Just because she grows out her hair and is black doesn’t mean that’s its ignorant. Black ignorance is those black teens who killed that college baseball player because they were bored. You sound like you hate black people.

  8. Robert M. Weir on said:

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  9. Beautiful keep your hair just like Samson needed his hair FUCK THE IDIOTS Its not nasty at all this is how humans hair look this hair means no LICE Bitches!

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