MMG soldier Wale can always count on his emotions to cause him to get into drama. The “Bad” rapper recently got into a small Twitter spat with the fiancee of Jennifer Hudson wrestler David Otunga.

Everything was all good on twitter over the weekend until David Otunga tweeted his opinion of Wale’s song “Bad.” Otunga tweeted that once Wale added Rihanna to the “Bad (Remix),” she overshadowed him on the track. You and I both know Wale isn’t one to accept disrespect without reciprocating, Wale responded to the WWE superstar’s tweet with, “Ur wife overshadowing ur career tho.” Wale’s dig refers to the fact that Jennifer Hudson is an Oscar and Grammy winning singer/actress and Otunga quit his job as a lawyer to become a reality star and then a pro-wrestler.

So who do you think is right? Does Rihanna overshadow Wale on “Bad (Remix)?” Does Jennifer Hudson’s whole life overshadow her fiancee’s? Sound off below.

3 thoughts on “Wale Gets Into Twitter Beef With Jennifer Hudson’s Fiancee

  1. @Joy…as long as it takes. Why are you so worried about it? No chance of getting married on your end?

    @Wale… get over it…its an opinion…and basically he is right.

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