Donald Trump is at it again. This time comparing  Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) to Paula Deen.

On Monday morning’s episode of “Fox & Friends,” Trump said that Rangel has mostly gotten away with his statements while Deen was “crucified” for hers. Rangel’s recent rant against tea party “crackers” bought him the comparison.

Trump said he was “surprised” that a “nice guy” like Rangel would make comments like the ones he did in the first place, and noted, “If Charlie or whoever it was a Republican and they made that statement, they’d be resigning from office right now.”

Although host Steve Doocy was the first to push the “double standard” narrative about Rangel and Deen, Trump jumped right on the bandwagon saying, “Nothing will happen to Charlie. I see it all the time. If you’re a Republican and you make a statement like that, it’s over. I mean, you are finished… It’s a very rough double standard.”

“Paula Deen was absolutely crucified, what they did with her,” Trump added. “I don’t know what even happened to her. I see everybody dropped her. She has really got some problems. It’s amazing.” When Tucker Carlson jumped in, demanding President Obama “take a stand” against Rangel, Trump said that was unlikely. “Obama is going to take a pass,” he said. “They’re all going to take a pass. And that’s the way the country is right now.”

The question of whether the “n-word” and “cracker” carry the same offensive weight has been a hot topic of conversation following the George Zimmerman trial in which it was revealed that Trayvon Martin used both words to describe the defendant. A CNN panel led by Don Lemon ultimately concluded that the word the network could not spell out on screen was probably worse.

20 thoughts on “Trump: If Rangel Can Say ‘Cracker,’ Deen Can Say ‘N*gger’

  1. Stop letting fools out of the front door. on said:

    Now, that’s true. I don’t want to be called a n… by anyone. It’s insulting and to assume that I would be okay with it is presumptuous.

  2. The think about people like Trump is they will say that crap to someone in the media (who I’ll bet wasn’t Black.) but wouldn’t have the nerve to say the “N” word directly to a brother. He knows better cause that would get him the beat down and deservedly so… As for Rangel using the “C”, it’s not right either but it DOES NOT carry the same weight.. There’s no history of a “C” word being lynched by an angry group of “N” words. At the end of the day, I think it’s the actions behind the words that really count…

  3. jhuff on said:

    So using that analogy Black people should take “you ma nigga” used by many blacks
    as a complaint no matter who says it after all it would be a complament. And considering most whites didn’t own slaves and 100k’s died fighting
    a war that freed them I can understand why some white’s I know would not consider that a complement

  4. dtown on said:

    Thank you!!! And the “smart and intelligent” people on “fox and friends” couldn’t point this out nor figure this out? White people hate to deal with history, don’t want to talk about it and chose to ignore it.

  5. Trump has a point why should a white man have to endure a racial slur if a black man doesn’t? not to mention the rap music culture sure throws the n-word around

    • Wildflower on said:

      Why are you here? What? Your own kind ignore your stupid comments so you come here thinking we want to hear (read) anything you got to say? I got it, either your wife or your daughter got some black in them now and you are furious? We don’t care.

      • jhuff on said:

        You sound like an angry black man who’s eternally pissed off because of substandard
        Lifestyle and you only come to this site to find excuses to blame anyone you deem superior
        at fault for your lack of accomplishments…there now I just tried my hand at long distance
        psychic readings ….By the way nice of YOU to be the voice of everyone else here do you also tell
        them what time to be home at night?

    • hoodtechie on said:

      Don’t worry jhuff you are absolutely correct. I am a black man and can’t stand the double standard that the black community accepts from their own people. Somehow we justify using the n-word when it’s coming from another black person or a democratic politician (i.e. Robert Byrd (d) w.virginia), but as soon as someone else uses it unholy hell breaks loose.obama won’t comment because rangel is a democrat another double standard. You have to understand that we as black people have a long way to go to get our acts together. There are so many ignorant and uniformed people in our communities that it keeps us behind the 8 ball and democrats pimp our people on that type of mentality. it’s sad that 95% of blacks will go with whatever (rev. al,jesse,naacp cbc etc…)says w/o informing themselves.trump is absolutely correct in his remarks, it’s just the truth hurts for most black people when it’s pointed out.

      • Dang why don’t you guys just get married? Won’t be funny when you get lynched by your so-called white friends!

      • jhuff on said:

        RL stats show it’s FAR more likely you are going to be murdered by one of your so-called Black friends
        and yes I do have white friends,Spanish, and middle east

      • Stop letting fools out of the front door. on said:

        I am sick of the back and forth racism, but that was funny RL. I don’t understand why people who have a problem with African Americans, whether black, or white, choose to come to this site instead of one that better fits them. Why come here to insult, or be insulted? It seems messy.

    • Wildflower on said:

      LOL…. Msyellarose that was funny but true. Several have gotten their light turned off in the past few weeks because they thought after Zimmie got away with murder they got a little bold and came out from behind the keyboard and have regretted it ever since. Bet they don’t want to say it anymore.

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